10 Best Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanners

FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool

Autel MaxiCOM MK808 OBD2 Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool

BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android

Professional automotive diagnostic scanners are meant primarily for people who repair vehicles and get some advantage, either economic or otherwise, using them. These are a class of people who don't have the luxury of buying scanners that work for a specific car model, as they have to diagnose a wide range of vehicles. Most professional scanners can perform numerous functions since the professional will be faced with different situations to address. With a lot at stake for these professionals, they must choose a device that will deliver results. We’ve provided some of the best professional scanners on the market.

1. BlueDriver Bluetooth OBDII Scanner for iPhone & Android

Many professionals agree that the BlueDriver is among the best scanners currently available on the market. The device allows you to connect remotely. This lets you carry out activities in another location at your convenience, all while the scan runs. 

It works great with both iOS and Android to ensure more people have access to it. It also has an impressive spread of features. These include the transmission, checking the engine light, ABS, and even airbags. Once the checks are complete, the system offers you the most efficient way to fix them, helping you o save money by avoiding frequent visits to the mechanic. 

This scanner can monitor live data, and since the output is mainly in graphic form, it’s more understandable. You can also use the scanner to discover your emission levels; once you know, it’s easier to work on controlling them. It’s great for a wide range of vehicles, which allows for more long-term and consistent use.


  • It’s small and compact, taking up very little space.
  • The diagnosis process is fast, and the results are accurate and trustworthy.
  • It comes with a customized app from the manufacturer to help you get regular updates
  • It allows you to monitor your carbon footprint, so you can work to reduce it.


  • The results from the scans can be contradictory sometimes.

2. Autel MaxiCOM MK808 OBD2 Full-System Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool

This scanner performs the primary services that any professional would need. Some of these services include transmission checks, brakes, monitoring emissions, wipers, engine lights, and ABS. It also allows you to perform oil resets and many more functions. 

The scanner features high levels of technology from Autel that enhance its performance to include some advanced functions. These include EPB reset, BMS reset, and oil reset. This scanner comes with a widescreen that allows you to monitor the scanning process in real-time. 

It also helps you o visualize the results better, and thus, they are mainly presented in graphical form. It may be utilized for a wide range of vehicles, including both electric and hybrid models, making it much more reliable for professionals.


  • The manufacturer sends regular updates that ensure your scans' results are accurate and trustworthy in decision making.
  • Unlike many scanners that consume a lot of battery power, it has built-in batteries to allow it to recharge quickly when you’re done using it.
  • The scanning process is fast, with the results coming in very quickly.
  • It’s compatible with a large number of car and vehicle models


  • The use of this scanner is limited, as it doesn't support some well-known models.

3. Autel Maxisys MS906 Automotive Diagnostic Scanner

This scanner comes with the backing of a strong brand, Autel. The company aims to make reliable scanners, and that is what they achieved with this one. The functions it offers include the reading of live data, ECU coding, and injector coding.

With such advanced scanner features, it can identify issues and run scans for many different vehicles fast. The results are displayed via an LCD screen, ensuring proper visibility. 

Some of the scans done are TPMS, ABS, Oil, SAS, and EPB systems. It also has a variety of protocols to assure you that your data is not only secure but that you can even access the scan results faster.


  • The scanner is user-friendly. This allows everyone from all walks of knowledge to use it effectively.
  • This manufacturer provides constant updates, which helps this scanner remain functional and current.
  • It gives you quick notifications on potential problems with your car.
  • The cables are long enough to ensure that you can conduct a diagnosis from a distance away.


  • The device comes with a poor battery that requires it to be charged exceptionally often.

4. FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool

This scanner stands out as being among the most affordable professional tools on the market. Its price to performance ratio is impressive compared to many other scanners, as it comes packed with numerous features and functions. 

Among these include the ability to detect O2 sensors. It will also search for possible engine problems and suggest ideal solutions. You can also check your carbon footprint through the emissions check on the scanner. The scanner has built-in codes that will allow you to get fast results from every scan undertaken. 

It can also read codes from the manufacturer, allowing you to make any necessary changes as they arise. The display of data is in graphic form, which helps you to visualize the information provided better. This is especially helpful for interpreting results that seem complex at first. It also comes with a screen wide enough to ensure you can easily read all the data.


  • The manufacturer sends regular updates that ensure your scans are current and accurate.
  • The data is shown in graphic form, allowing for straightforward interpretation.
  • It’s compatible with many car models, which broadens the range of services you receive.


  • Some of its features only work on specific car models, thus making it inconvenient.

5. Autel MaxiLink ML619 CAN OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner with ABS/SRS

This scanner comes at a pocket-friendly price for professionals while still being packed with high-level functionality. It can monitor several warning lights on your dashboards, such as the engine, SRS, and ABS. 

The scanner has a live data stream that ensures you can monitor the car's functions in real-time. This makes it so you are one step ahead of any problems that might arise with your vehicle. It helps you learn what the exact issue is, saving you quite a lot on repairs with freeze-frame capabilities. 

It can sync with your computer, allowing you to better visualize the data sent and store it for future reference. Since the data is displayed graphically, anyone can easily view and understand the results. It’s also compatible with a wide range of vehicle models, making it ideal for any professional to have.


  • The scanner is very user-friendly. This allows anyone, even non-professionals, to use it with ease. It also makes work easier for professionals.
  • The manufacturer sends out regular system updates that ensure you get the most accurate results with every scan.
  • The screen on the scanner is big enough to enable increased visibility and efficiency.
  • It can sync with your computer, thus allowing you to store data.


  • The scanner is unable to read transmission codes. Since these are among the most common car problems, it can cause the scanner to be inefficient.

6. Autel Maxicom MK908P Diagnostic Scanner

This professional scanner is made with an LCD that makes the scanning process easy. You can toggle between the various functions, and when the results come, they will appear on the ten-inch tablet. 

It also has an A7 processor that ensures it delivers fast responses to any scan that’s undergoing. The scanner allows you to conduct over 30 functions, such as transmission checks, ABS, SRS, and engine lights. 

The scanner can also display live data, allowing you to monitor everything that happens. You can also monitor your vehicle's history and be on the lookout for any consistent patterns. The scanner syncs with cloud backups to ensure you have access to all your previous scans.


  • The scanner can be connected remotely through Bluetooth. This ensures you can monitor your scans from a distance, unlike wired cables.
  • It has a wide variety of functions that make it ideal for any professional to have.
  • This scanner is small and lightweight, which allows for increased convenience and portability.
  • It has a widescreen that helps to display all your data clearly and easily.


  • This particular scanner is on the relatively expensive side.

7. Launch CRP129 OBD2 Professional Automotive Scan Tool

The Launch scanner can allow you to monitor many activities to ensure that you stay way ahead of the game when it comes to any car or vehicle issues. The scanner can diagnose codes and solve problems with the most common aspects that professionals know well. These include SRS, ABS, transmission, and the engine. 

You can also perform some other tests, such as SAS, EPB, and oil resets. This allows you to know the complete status of your car at any given time. The screen is user friendly to ensure you can conduct scans conveniently. It makes it easy for anyone, including beginners, to perform diagnoses.


  • The scanner receives regular updates from the manufacturer to ensure that you get the most accurate scans results.
  • It also sends you regular email reminders to make sure you don’t miss any critical information.
  • The scanner has an efficient interface that allows you to monitor the results easily.


  • This scanner doesn't support some major car brands, thus minimizing its functionality.
  • Getting software updates installed onto your device can be quite tedious

8. Innova 3160g Bluetooth Scan Tool with ABS, SRS, and Live Data

This scanner, too, falls in the category of cheap and high-performing tools to have for any professional. It’s made to include various functions, such as reading and clearing codes for ABS, SRS, and the engine. Some other functions include battery tests and resets, oil resets, and some engine tests. 

The bright LED allows you to monitor results both easily and conveniently. It also allows for live data reading that lets you remain one step ahead of any issue. The scanner is compatible with many vehicles, such as small trucks, cars, and even SUVs. It also covers many major models, allowing a larger group of people access to it.


  • It allows for remote connectivity through Bluetooth, which lets you perform the tests from a distance, unlike cables.
  • It has a high price to performance ratio, making it very useful to own and use.
  • The screen is wide and clear to ensure you can easily view any generated reports from diagnoses.
  • It’s light and portable in size.
  • It has a wide range of functions that make it dependable for any professional.


  • This scanner is unable to perform transmission tests, which limits its overall functionality.

9. ANCEL FX6000 OBD2 Scanner with Full System Automotive Code Reader

This scanner provides several capabilities that give it a place in the market. Some of these functions include checking for any problems with the transmission, engine, ABS, and even SRS. It also has some programming and coding capabilities that make it ideal for professionals. 

It can also read and execute a wide range of codes, making it very versatile in its usage. This scanner is compatible with various vehicle models, which allows more access for a larger group of people. 

This also makes it a dependable tool for professionals, such as mechanics who conduct multiple tests. It also allows you to monitor freeze frames and live data, thus keeping you ahead of whatever is happening in your car.


  • The scanner receives multiple updates from the manufacturer often to make sure you get the best performance possible.
  • It has a clear screen that allows you to review the results from your scans.
  • It covers a wide range of car models that allow you to perform multiple scans for many vehicles.
  • It’s user-friendly to make the scanning process a simple one.


  • It doesn’t work on specific car models.

10. LAUNCH X431 V+ Full System Professional Scan Tool

This scanning tool packs a wide range of functionality that makes it a useful tool to own. It can read and diagnose multiple codes that are built-in to ensure that you get proper performance. This tool is also trustworthy for professionals, as it is compatible with a wide range of vehicles.


  • It’s compatible with multiple car models.
  • It has a large battery that ensures you get the most from the scanner.
  • It boasts multiple functionalities and features to ensure that you can carry out the best and most accurate scans.


  • It only comes with cable connectivity and no possibility for a wireless connection, which is rather inconvenient.


A professional scanner is among the major requirements many people have in their businesses. They must be both efficient and reliable, and with the perfect one, you can get incredibly on-point scans. These are some of the best on the market to choose from.