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The primary purpose of having a scanner in your car is to ensure you learn of any mechanical problem as soon as it develops. With the efficient and reliable ODB2 scanners from Autel scanners, you’re assured of getting the best device on the market. With an OBD2 scanner, you can save on some of the money spent that comes with multiple trips to the mechanic. It shows you the exact problem in your car and even has suggestions on how they can be handled. Here are the best Autel scanners on the market.

1. Autel AL619 Autolink Scanner

This device's primary purpose is to ensure you get accurate results when performing car tests and determining why the various lights on your dashboard are trying to get your attention. It allows you to test for problems with the engine, ABS and SRS. 

This device can be used for close to 50 vehicle models, making it very convenient. The scanner comes with a variety of functions that make it one of the best. These include reading PCM data, monitoring freeze frames, and clear MIL codes.

It can also read and help you clear SRS and ABS warning lights from the dashboard. The scanner is also user-friendly. They explain all the codes that come up. This makes it very approachable to a broader range of people, including beginners.


  • It is user-friendly, allowing for a wide range of people to use it, including beginners
  • It is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, making it very dependable for people with multiple car brands.
  • It generates results from scans faster than many in the market, thus allowing you to get ahead of any problem that might occur.
  • It can save past data, allowing you to make observations on trends that may have led to problems earlier.


  • This device doesn’t support hybrid vehicles, despite them being many in the market. As a consequence, its versatility is somewhat limited.

2. Autel AL519 Enhanced ODB2 Scan Tool With Mode 6

This scanner is designed to give you the best diagnosis, as it is compatible with more than ten modes of ODB2 testing. Unlike many on the market, the Autel scanner can read and clear codes and is also suitable for both component tests and conducting O2 sensor tests. 

It also allows you to see live data, retrieve I/M status and even go through the free frame data. Additional features on the scanner include viewing vehicle information, module information, and performing real-time components tests. 

The scanner features an impressive level of user-friendliness, as it displays all the codes from scans with their meanings. With such information at hand, you can make faster decisions and fix problems on your vehicle before they can escalate.


  • It allows you to carry out multiple tests on various cars at your convenience. It’s beneficial for people who own different vehicles and models.
  • The scanner comes with an extended attachment code. This makes it easy to connect and conduct your diagnoses.
  • It generates results from scans faster than most devices in the market. This makes it versatile and also allows you to fix problems where needed before they become bigger
  • The operation of the device itself is fast, as it has a strong processor to power it. This allows you to perform diagnoses faster and efficiently.
  • This device has a screen display that is user-friendly. It allows even people with little experience to conduct searches and even explains the results into understandable data.


  • This scanner was developed several years ago, rendering it functionally obsolete. What this means is that you won’t get any further updates on the device.

3. Autel MK808 All-System Scan Tool and Service Functions

This scanner has a relatively modern appearance, as it comes with a tablet to allow you to conduct your scans and monitor the results.  It can also highlight complex and deeply-rooted problems with your car, thus making it very convenient. The tablet on the scanner is long-lasting, too, as it guarantees you a continuous seven hours of use before a recharge is needed. 

The functionality of the scanner ranges from basic to very complex. Some of its primary and most used functions include scans on BMS, SAS, ABS, and many more. You can also use it to check and reset lights. The scanner can also be connected to the internet, allowing you to download any updates as they come. 

These include primary, user-friendly updates to new compatible model additions. The tablet is also user-friendly as well, since it allows you to navigate quickly, and for new users, suggestions are made as you go along. This makes it very accessible to first-time users. The Android operating system on the scanner allows you to sync it with other devices, such as your smartphone, and easily save scan reports.


  • The scanner comes with an A9 processor. It allows you to run scans faster and more efficiently, thus ensuring you notice problems with the vehicle early on.
  • The scanner comes with upgrades that are sent regularly. This ensures updated scanning features are added, and more car model compatibilities are updated.
  • It’s easy to use. It comes with a long cable that allows you to plug it into an outlet, where it will immediately start conducting the scan.
  • The battery on the scanner is long-lasting. It ensures you get a continuous seven hours power supply for all your scanning needs.
  • The scanner supports a wide range of car models, ensuring you get the best functionality.


  • Some of the functions on the scanner are limited to specific car models. This reduces the scanner's versatility.

4. Autel AutoLink AL319 OBDII Code Reader

The central aspect that sets this scanner apart from other Autel scanners is its price to performance ratio. Although the scanner is inexpensive, it offers excellent performance. Its functions are centered on everyday basic car problems, as they can quickly identify them and recommend solutions. 

Some of the functions it can handle include the checking and fixing of malfunctioning indicator light codes(MIL), display both live and freeze frame data, show live sensors data, and even the I/M readiness status. The scanner is easy to use as after it is plugged in, and it begins its diagnosis. 

The results are displayed in a simplified manner to ensure anyone can understand them. It also gives you possible solutions to your problems, saving you a potential trip to the mechanic. It allows you to print out results from your scans for future reference. 

This will enable you to monitor any trends that may be the reason for your car problems. This scanner is compatible with a wide range of car models, which is very convenient. It produces proper diagnoses on all of them, making it essentially reliable.


  • If you have a weak signal, the scanner allows you to hear codes. This ensures nothing will get past you.
  • The scanner receives regular and free updates from the manufacturer. They are aimed at making the scanning process both more straightforward and understandable.
  • The device is user-friendly, too, as after it’s connected, it will immediately start performing the diagnosis. It’s also interactive and explains the results found to ensure anyone using the dive, including first-timers, gets the best from it.
  • The scanning process is speedy
  • Generated reports can be printed for future reference and closer monitoring.


  • The scanner is incompatible with electric cars. Its use is thus limited.
  • The scanner’s plug-in cord is very short, forcing you to stand right next to the car as you conduct the diagnosis.

5. Autel MaxiLink ML619 ABS SRS MIL CAN OBD2 Scanner

This scanner from Autel is among the best in its category. It allows you to check for various issues with your vehicle to read SRS and ABS lights. This scanner is ideal for people who prefer to conduct fixes on their own other than visiting a mechanic. 

Other problems it can detect are ones with anti-lock brake systems and airbag systems. The device is durable, as it comes with a nylon cover that can withstand rough everyday use. It also allows you to save previous scan data, as it comes with over 16 GB of memory capacity. 

The scanner shows complete errors on your vehicle and even suggests possible solutions to them, which allows you to save some money on mechanic visits. This device is user-friendly as well; it comes with an interactive screen. 

It enables you to monitor your car’s aspects easily and get a detailed explanation of whatever results you get from the scan. The scanner is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, especially leading manufacturers, making it highly versatile.


  • The scanner is powered using your vehicle's DLC, so a battery is not needed. This makes it light and portable, and thus convenient to carry around.
  • This scanner receives free and regular updates from the manufacturer. These aim at streamlining the process and making it easier.
  • It is very user-friendly, too, helping anyone who has never used the device before to understand the process in a short time.
  • It has LED lights that indicate to you the various problems encountered while testing.


  • Although it comes with a nylon casing shell, great caution must be exercised when handling it. It’s incredibly fragile and can break from even shortfalls.

6. Autel MK908P Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanner with ECU Programming

This scanner is considered the best for professional use, as its services range from programming to coding. It offers 11 advanced ODB2 scan features, ECU coding, and programming on a range of vehicle models. 

The scanner is also wireless. This allows you to remotely control your car's aspects, such as its engine, components, sensors, and systems. The scanner is also versatile, as it supports a wide range of US, Japan and German manufactured vehicles. Although the scanner is meant for professional use, it offers an excellent user-friendly experience. 

This ensures you can understand the results as they appear with a detailed explanation. The LCD on the scanner ensures you get your data seamlessly and can evaluate it better.


  • It is user-friendly for everyone, allowing anyone of any experience level to use this scanner quickly. Its results are also explained in detail to ensure you don't miss anything.
  • When you purchase the scanner, you get a free battery tester from the manufacturer.
  • When fully charged, the scanner guarantees you over eight hours of uninterrupted usage. Its charging time is also low, making it so recharges are fast and convenient.
  • The scanner comes with a wide range of functions that ensure you get the best service—these range from basic tests to advanced professional programming.
  • The scanner has a seven-inch display that enables you to review your scan results and toggle through the scanner's various function


  • It is costly. Since the scanner is ideal for professional use, its price is relatively high compared to many in the market.


Autel is a company dedicated to ensuring you get the best from their scanners. This has seen them invest quite a substantial amount in developing new technology and improving their current scanners. These scanners' functions range from the most basic to the most complex, making them ideal for many people to choose from. 

With an Autel scanner, you’re assured of getting the best value for your money. When selecting a scanner, make sure that you have your basic requirements in mind, as they will guide you in choosing the best-priced device for the work you intend to carry out. 

It would be best to look out for scanner compatibility with your vehicle, too, as these differ. By selecting one that works best for your car, you get value for your money and an accurate diagnosis. This is the scanner’s primary function, and you be sure to select one that performs at its best for you.