Best BMW Scan Tools

ANCEL BM500 All System OBD2 Scanner

iCarsoft OBDII Scanner i910 for BMW

FOXWELL NT510 Elite Full Systems Scanner

Your BMW is your pride and joy on the road, and understanding how to take care of it goes a long way. When you face your BMW problems, the easiest way to figure out what they are is by using a BMW scan tool that performs a diagnosis. This helps you detect where the problem lies and get it fixed, if not repaired. Since BMWs have a different configuration setting in their parts, it isn't easy to detect problems without using a BMW-specific tool. Worry not because there are plenty of BMW scan tools available everywhere to select from. Here are some of the best BMW scanning tools available on the market today.

1: FIXD All-systems Diagnostic Tool for BMW

Both affordable and compact, the FIXD diagnostic tool for BMW cars is easy to use and can provide its user with several options to choose from. These can include checking your car's transmission, followed by the chassis and the multiple systems present inside your car's body. 

The FIXD also gives you 22 advanced configurations that range from speed adjustment settings to clear adaptations and much more. Overall, we recommend this tool because it can check BMWs that were manufactured as far back as 1998. The OE-level system diagnosis is merely exceptional; hence, our recommendation for this product is high. 


  • Small, compact, and easy to carry around on your travels
  • Accurate estimates of costs so that you always know what to expect or how to keep your budget prepared
  • Can provide real-time health monitoring that can help you track how well the car is performing in diverse terrain and conditions


  • Hard to find in the market because it's always sold out, which is why it is recommended to pre-order it online

2: FOXWELL Elite NT510 Scan Tool for BMW

The FOXWELL elite tool has been built to serve BMW owners who require multiple feature tools to provide the best service. Another affordable BMS scan tool, it comes with a hand-held feature, which means you can take it wherever you go without the need for a laptop. 

This device allows you to monitor sensor data with an accurate diagnosis to solve problems. The in-depth analysis feature gives you a chance to find all of the issues that have built up with your BMW over the years, whether it exists in the engine, transmission, or gears. 

The FOXWELL is also multilingual and functions as a universal scanner that can scan both OBD I and OBD II class ports. You can use this to read the codes on an advanced level or simply check the engine for surface repairs.


  • Versatile settings and configurations for BMW models dating back to 1987
  • Multilingual functioning so that you can read the instructions in your native language. This will make it easier for you to understand the problem. You can also show the issue to a BMW representative in their native language while traveling as well.
  • It has live sensor tracking too, which means you can easily find out about your car’s status through your phone app. 


  • It's a little difficult to understand since most of the information is in codes. For this reason, you might need someone to solve your car problems for you.
  • It has a premium function where you can use the tool for other cars. However, you must pay extra for this feature.

3: AUTOPHIX 7810 Scan Tool for BMW and Non-BMW

The user-interface of the AUTOPHIX is known to be among the top 10 BMW scan tools in the world. It supports functions such as EPB OR CBS resets and how better to manage your battery and chassis for optimal performance.

It can also clear codes from all these areas and work for vehicles apart from BMW models. This means that if you own more than one car, the AUTOPHIX 7810 can work for both without you having to purchase another scan tool.

Lastly, the AUTOPHIX is compact, easy to carry, and comes with a long cord that helps you maneuver around the car with ease. If you're someone who loves cars, getting the AUTOPHIX would help you save a lot of money.


  • Best user-interface among all the BMW scan tools out there. The AUTOPHIX is relatively straightforward so that anyone can operate it. 
  • It can easily switch modes.
  • A larger screen, so it's easy for you to see the results of each scan.


  • Problem with detection of the car when used in the long run because the quality of the AUTOPHIX tends to degrade faster than most BMW car scan tools.
  • The quality of the material used to make it degrades faster in comparison to other similar scan tools

4: CARLY OBD2 Adapter Scan Tool for BMW

If you want to update your car's codes as quickly as possible, the CARLY OBD2 is the perfect choice for you. It particularly stands out when bought for BMW cars, as it has been programmed to support BMW cars and help update the vehicles and their functions. Carrying out diagnostics, as well as updating your car's functions, has never been easier. 

In addition, the CARLY Wi-Fi adapter lets you connect the apps on your phone to your BMW, making it easier for you to use your car's infotainment system. You can use the CARLY OBD2 for BMW cars and Toyota, Renault, Mercedes, and Porsche. The BMW models it supports range from 1996 to 2017


  • It has several updates per month, so you know you're going to get the latest features in your BMW car.
  • CARLY offers the battery registration feature 
  • It's simple to code your BMW car with the CARLY scan tool, where you can read and overwrite your codes to keep your car current and updated.


  • Merely buying the adapter isn’t enough. You have to buy the premium version to get the complete stack of benefits with the Carly BMW adapter.
  • Even the codes can only be viewed and configured once you pay for the premium in the Appstore. 

5: MAOZUA Creator C310 V7.7 Scan Tool for BMW

This is the most costly of all the BMW scan tools present, and the MAOZUA creator is designed with the latest configurations in mind. It can monitor and configure all cars made after the year 2000 with limited yet effective features. What's more, the scan tool also has a USB port function that allows you to patch cars with a USB port of their own. 

The MAOZUA has an advanced code reader that can patch almost any BMW from 2000 to 2017. It has a multilingual feature and an n 8-inch screen that helps you track your car's performance and run a complete diagnosis on it. The in-depth code editor can help alter any code to your liking and ensure any vehicle problems are taken care of. 


  • The efficient oil reset option for the engine keeps your engine healthy and prolongs the life of your car by several years (depending on the model)
  • The multilingual function helps you solve car problems while traveling to a different country or state by road.
  • The 8-inch screen helps you view all the results of the car diagnosis. 


  • One problem commonly faced when using this particular scan tool is how it doesn't detect active codes for different car models
  • You have to detect the car manually. This function can be irritating when multiple BMW car scanners have the auto-detect function
  • Part numbers are essential, but the MAOZUA doesn't give you that, which can be a problem at times

6: iCarsoft i910 Scan Tool for BMW

If you need to read codes and clear them without a hassle, the iCarsoft i910 BMW scan tool is the perfect tool to get. Fault codes can come up in several different areas of your car's system, such as the IHKA and electronic brake systems. 

A unique feature that you get when you purchase this product is the multi-system diagnostic function that helps you clear away all the car’s problems. To add on to this, you can monitor and check through the airbags, ABS, and the auto transmission line that may have degraded over several years. 

The only problem with the iCarsoft compared to the other BMW car scanners is that the screen has poor English and display, which, if managed, can be overlooked. 


  • Optimum OBD II support system and test modes are available to you.
  • You can carry out a complete system diagnosis without any premium charges applicable, such as the case with the above BMW car scan tools.
  • Reasonable pricing option which makes the limited features seem worth it, compared to the features of other advanced car scan tools


  • There aren't many cars this tool can work with, which limits the scanner's potential.
  • The English on this device isn’t that well-articulated, which is why you might find it hard to read. There isn't any multilingual option available for this scanner, either.

7: ANCEL OB2 BMW car scan tool

The wide LED screen and the user-friendly interface followed by representations of graphs on the screen make the ANCEL FX2000 model car scan tool one of the most advanced tools out there. It can easily read through all manner of code for BMW models that range from 2005 onwards, while it can also manage codes for non-BMW cars that were built after 1996. 

Carrying out a full-body diagnosis isn't hard, as the ANCEL performs bi-directional tests to ensure all problems are detected within the car. You can carry out tests such as the I/M readiness for the level of emissions your vehicle has and carry out Onboard tests, which means your vehicle can be monitored while running. 

The graphic data representation is its most advanced feature, allowing you to see the data and understand what you can do to fix it. You can also get the reports printed and keep them as a record for future references.


  • The ANCEL has a lifetime guarantee of updates that will keep giving you the latest features, both for infotainment systems and the car's performance.
  • It gives you the chance to view and print your car's performance history over time, as well as the reports that come with each diagnosis.
  • The company has a 24/7 customer support system that’s available to assist anytime.
  • No premium service charges. You can directly use the scan tool to scan all the coding problems in your car and either solve them automatically or manually overwrite them.
  • The widescreen allows for a better user-interface than all of the previously mentioned BMW scan tools.


  • Updates for the software can take a long time, and it might be hard to find your way around the device at first.
  • It doesn't give you a lot of instructions, so you have to figure it out yourself.


When you visit the hardware store, you will find several scan tools, and some might even sound extraordinary to you. However, when you own a BMW model car, it’s best to buy a BMW specific scan tool because they provide you with an automatic connection system. 

This does because it understands your car’s coding language and auto-connects to it using a Wi-Fi connection. Having something like that added to a scan tool can make things a lot easier and save you time. 

Furthermore, the scan tool has to cover the BMW model you own, and if you own multiple cars, it’s best to buy a multi-purpose scan tool. The scan tool’s cost may be higher, but it won't matter in the long-run, as you save on expenses that your car may have given if you hadn't used the BMW scan tool.