Best Tires for Acura TL

Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus Performance Radial Tire

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring All-Season 235/60R18 103V Tire

Continental Extreme Contact DWS06 All-Season Radial Tire

The Acura TL offers horsepower unlike any other vehicle in its class, so you’ll need tires that can match its performance. To do this, consider purchasing a proper set of tires to make sure you get everything out of your car. This article will cover several exceptional options, such as summer, touring, and all-season tires, to help you select the perfect tires for your Acura TL.

1: Dunlop Direzza DZ102 Performance Radial Tire - 205/50-16 87V

The Dunlop Direzza DZ102 is one of the best tires for your Acura TL. It provides immaculate performance on both dry and wet surfaces, owing to its silica and carbon tread construction. It features three ribs at the center that offer better steering stability in tighter corners. 

Furthermore, the Dunlop Direzza features deep cuts and shoulder grooves, so you can remain rest assured of the tire’s durability even at high speeds. They also relocate more water away from the treads, more so than most other tires in its class, preventing situations such as loss of control in the rain. 

Moreover, its wear trimming minimizes noise and wear for an extended period comparatively speaking. 

Owing to its Jointless Band Technology, the tire has two steel belts, backed with a polyamide cord cap ply, which provides superior handling and control at high speeds while also enhancing your comfort level. Despite this, the Dunlop Direzza DZ102 is not the best option for winters but prevails for all other seasons!


  • Perfect for dry and wet terrains
  • Enhances control at high speeds and on wet pavement
  • Durable construction and wear-resistant


  • Not the best for winters

2: Continental Extreme Contact DWS06 All-Season Radial Tire - 225/45ZR17 91W

If you’re interested in a great set of all-season tires, the Continental Extreme Contact SWS06 is an excellent choice. These tires perform smoothly in all seasons, so there is no need to worry about slipping or losing control during rainy or snowy weather. The new and improved SportPlus

The technology ensures you have complete control and precise handling of your vehicle, even during nasty weather. One of the tires’ best features is the Quick View Indicators, indicating the tires’ current performance level. You can quickly examine the tire’s condition and vehicle alignment from these visual signals. 

Moreover, the tires have bulky shoulders that prevent rolling on the road when driving through corners. The tires also come with traction grooves that enhance their performance in the snow with their added edges. Plus, the Continental Extreme tires' X-Spite technology keeps braking, acceleration, and cornering in check.


  • Perfect traction for all seasons
  • Features a unique performance indicator
  • Value for money
  • Improved cornering and braking


  • Not highly wear-resistant

3: Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring All-Season 235/60R18 103V tire

If you are looking for high-end touring tires, the Copper CS5 is terrific for all seasons. The tire features multiple silica layers, providing additional grip on all surfaces, wet, dry, and snow. 

Furthermore, its 3D micro-gauge grooves ensure traction and stability in wet areas, while the STABILEDGE technology provides the same for dry surfaces. 

It also comes with Wear Square Indicators that let you keep a check on the tread performance. Additionally, the tread's asymmetric design gives you superior control over handling curves and gripping on roads. You get all of these features along with a treadwear warranty of 70,000 miles!


  • Includes a treadwear warranty of 70,000 miles.
  • Has a 45-day test drive period for free
  • Modern tread compound ensures durability.
  • Wear indicator to track tread life


  • Comparatively expensive

4: Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus Tire

If you want one of Acura TL's best tires, the Pirelli Cinturato P7 is amidst the top! It provides flawless year-round performance and enhanced fuel efficiency, saving you in the long term. It features a durable construction of silica consolidated with unique polymers, resulting in reduced rolling resistance. 

Its sidewall structure also comes with various reinforcements to ensure safety and higher control. Furthermore, it features a unique Pirelli Noise Cancelling System (PNCS) that minimizes the in-car sounds due to a sound-absorbing material. 

When it comes to stability and traction, the tire performs well on dry and wet surfaces and excellent on snow. Plus, its tread has an asymmetric, 5-rib design that further enhances the overall performance. It also comes with a 70,000-mile guarantee for treadwear.


  • Excellent performance in snow
  • Provides fuel efficiency as well as comfort
  • Significantly reduces sound, providing a noise-free experience.


  • Not suitable for off-road, rough surfaces.

5: Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus Touring Tire 205/60R16 92 V

The Bridgestone is another excellent all-season tire for your Acura TL. Its Nano Pro tread technology backed by silica and polymer construction helps level-up the traction of your vehicle. It comes with 3-circumferential grooves, which along with lateral grooves, ensure your car runs smoothly on both dry and wet surfaces. 

The Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus features a 3D subsurface design, allowing you to safely drive in light snowy conditions. The asymmetric cavity shape, along with central ribs, provides you with better control over handling, braking, and acceleration. 

Moreover, it features steel belts that are reinforced with nylon for maximum durability. Another highlight of these tires is their noise-absorption quality; Renoa Silencer grooves trap sound in their tread patterns, resulting in significant noise reduction. As a result, you can enjoy a noise-free, calm ride.


  • Limited treadwear warranty of up to 80,000 miles
  • Minimum noise for a calm and smooth ride
  • Polymer construction extends wear-resistance


  • It does not work too well over thick layers of snow.

6: Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ All Season Performance Radial Tire-225/45ZR17/XL 94Y

If you want excellent control over your Acura TL throughout different seasons, the Michelin Pilot Sport is a great choice. Its signature Variable Contact Patch 3.0 is improvised for cornering and distributing weight evenly on the road, giving better stability and reducing heat dissipation. 

The Michelin Pilot Sport tires are equipped with a considerable amount of silica—Extreme Silica+ compound, backed with asymmetric design. Therefore, you’ll get much better traction on dry as well as wet surfaces. 

Additionally, its 3D sipes prevent hydroplaning, giving you an all-around superior control than most other tires. The Helio+ Technology of these tires ensures that you do not lose control even in snow. Moreover, the Michelin tires' hidden biting edges make stopping and accelerating a breeze even on snow.


  • Added silica construction ensures durable life.
  • It comes with a 45,000-mile treadwear warranty.
  • Offers overall stability and control, preventing hydroplaning.


  • Do not excel at absorbing shock or noise.

7: Continental PureContact LS All_Season Radial Tire-225/50R17 98V

If you’re looking for premium quality tires for year-round performance, the Continental PureContact LS is for you. These tires feature Eco Plus Technology that utilizes temperature functional polymer that provides enhanced wear-resistance to tread and fuel efficiency. Therefore, these tires will help you save money over the long term.

 Like the other models, the PureContact also features Performance Indicators, with a few letters embedded into the tire: —D, W, and S stands for Dry, Wet, and Snow, respectively. When the letters begin to wear away, this indicates that the traction for its corresponding surface is lost. 

Secondly, another highlight of this tire is its Comfort Ride Technology that minimizes vibration, giving you a smooth ride. Additionally, its asymmetric pattern incorporates blocks in the shoulders, enhancing the grip and handling at high speeds. To top it all off, the tire comes with a tread guarantee of 70,000-miles!


  • Tread guarantee for a considerably prolonged use
  • Suitable for wet, dry, and snow areas
  • Features tread performance indicator.
  • Minimizes vibration and bumps


  • Do not perform very well on snow.

Things to Consider in the Best Tires for Acura TL

Now that you have gone through the best tires for the Acura TL, it's time to go through the most critical factors. Picking the right tire requires you to consider multiple components. Here is a brief list of everything you should look for in tires best for your Acura TL.

  • Tubeless tires
  • The accurate size for your car
  • Material: silica along with rubber layers for noise reduction
  • Tread width: semi-closed for wet and dry surfaces or wide for snow
  • Tread blocks: asymmetric for all kinds of surfaces


Finding the best tires for your Acura TL can be challenging, but not when you have the best options at your disposal here. Plus, you need to verify a few fundamental features such as materials, construction, tread quality and wear warranty. 

You may choose brands that offer unique features such as wear indicators, extra steel reinforcement tubes, and other aspects over others. 

In this article, you get the seven best tires for the Acura TL, including summer, touring, and all-season tires. You should pick one according to your area's weather conditions while ensuring its suitability to your Acura TL.