Best Tires for BMW X5

Continental CrossContact LX25

Michelin Latitude Tour HP All-Season Radial Tire

Bridgestone Dueler H/L 400 RFT

Every car that BMW has manufactured is designed to surpass the average expectation of a car owner, and the BMW X5 does just that. This SUV blew us away as it offers some of the most desired features, with the most notable being its practicality and efficiency. 

The car has managed to bring out new features in each generation produced. This has placed it ahead of many of its competitors. With every coming generation of the car, BMW has managed to add in something fresh and exciting. 

It has become a favorite of many car enthusiasts for this very reason! One of the most notable features of any BMW X5 is its tires. New versions of the car are equipped with larger wheels, making it challenging to find the best tires for your vehicle. This is why we’ve reviewed several that are great options; let’s jump into it!

1: Bridgestone Dueler H/L 400 RFT

The main strength of this tire is highway driving. However, it can tackle any condition and terrain efficiently in almost any case! The BMW X5 has quite distinct tires compared to most other car models designed to fit in well in your car very efficiently. 

Another feature that sets it apart is the run-flat capabilities. With slow punctures, the tire can still roll well, allowing you to arrive at your nearest tire station. The responsiveness on the tire is also top-notch; it’s certainly noticeable while driving! It also has exceptional grip and traction that easily handles a wide range of terrain. 

They perform great on the sand, mud, water, and even gravel. The tire has wider rims that result in your car appearing sleeker as well. The driving experience is also comfortable, which ensures your journeys are more relaxing than ever before.


  • The tire is very stable even when cruising on the highway at high speeds.
  • The tire guarantees an amazing feeling behind the wheel with its high responsiveness.
  • The treads on the tire are deep enough to ensure you get proper traction on both dry and wet terrains
  • The tires are quiet even when driving at high speeds. They are also comfortable and can withstand small bumps on the road.


  • The tires are inefficient when driving on snow. They skid easily, making them risky.

2: Michelin Latitude Tour HP ZP

The overall performance of this tire is impressive compared to many in its category. It offers an unmatched feeling when behind the wheel. The responsiveness is high, allowing you to make fast turns and maintain stability as you drive at high speeds. The traction and grip on the tires are also incredible, ensuring you get a safe driving experience. 

It also improves handling; the thread designs on the tire ensure it can handle any terrain such as mud, shallow waters, and even snow effortlessly! It remains steady and doesn't skid off the road as easily as some other tires. 

The speed rating is high enough to ensure that you can achieve high speeds without worrying about tire bursts or punctures, making them safer than the alternatives. The tires are quiet and comfortable, perfect for road trips. The tire is also made from durable materials that make it long-lasting, which will save you money!


  • The tire's speed rating is high enough to ensure you can cruise on the highway at high speeds without fear of a tire burst or a puncture.
  • The tread designs on the tire increase its grip, allowing you to drive on a wide range of surfaces such as mud, gravel, and even snot.
  • The tire is durable to ensure you get years of quality service.  
  • The tires are quiet even when driving at high speeds.
  • The driving experience on the tires is very comfortable. They can smooth out bumps on the road.


  • They are expensive compared to many in their category. This puts them far from the reach of many BMW X5 drivers.

3: Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season Run-Flat

Pirelli has managed to create a name for themselves among drivers who like run-flat tires, and with this tire, they have lived up to the expectations. The tires are very stable on the highway, allowing you to maneuver easily, even at high speeds. 

This, coupled with its high-speed rating, makes it the perfect tire for the fast BMW X5. The tire has a solid grip that allows you to drive efficiently on a range of surfaces, both wet and dry. 

The tire can also work well in snowy conditions while remaining quiet on the road, even when driving at high speeds. This makes them reliable and also ensures that you can enjoy your journey. They are made from reinforced rubber to ensure you get several years of excellent service!


  • The responsiveness of the tire is impressive. It allows you to make fast turns and maneuvers easily, thus giving you a memorable driving experience.
  • They are quiet on the highway. Despite driving at high speeds, the tires remain silent, making your drive comfortable and relaxing.
  • The speed rating on the tire is high. It allows you to reach top speeds without fears of a tire burst.
  • The high traction on the tires allows you to drive on virtually any surface, including snow


  • The tires are unable to smooth out small bumps on the road. You will thus feel all the imperfections on the road as you drive.

4: Continental CrossContact LX25

This tire, although not a run-flat, offers one of the best driving experiences in its category. The tire features advanced eco plus technology that makes it very fuel economical. It has minimal rolling resistance, resulting in less pressure that is exerted on the engine. 

This makes it have a very smooth ride! It can also run well on smooth bumps, making it ideal for a wide range of driving scenarios. The treads on the tire aim at giving you the best handling experience possible, without the common trade-offs. The tire can handle a wide range of terrains, such as sand, gravel, and even light snow. 

This makes it very great to have for most regions. The tire has excellent traction to ensure you remain rooted on the ground even when driving at high speeds in your BMW X5. They are also resistant to hydroplaning, making them perfect for driving during heavy rains and flowing shallow water!


  • Efficient braking capabilities. Unlike many tires, it allows you to come to a complete stop within a short distance, thus making it safe for fast driving.
  • The responsiveness to the tires is high. This allows you to take fast turns while driving.
  • The responsiveness is bound to give you the best feeling behind the wheel.
  • The tire is made from reinforced rubber. This makes it durable and reliable. You can thus drive for several years before a replacement is needed.
  • The treads in the tire are designed to be resistant to hydroplaning. This makes them safe to drive on wet surfaces and during heavy rains.
  • The tires feature an advanced technology that makes them roll smoothly. This minimizes fuel consumption on your BMW X5.


  • The ride on the tires is not smooth. The tire cannot cushion you on bumpy roads.

5: Michelin Premier LTX

This tire by Michelin is designed to give you reliability and efficiency. With this tire, you are guaranteed the ultimate touring experience. The tire offers high levels of stability. You can drive them at high speeds without the worry of a blowout or flat. They are also very responsive, way ahead of many in the category! 

The tire has excellent grip and traction levels, which makes them incredible when driving on wet, dry, and slippery terrains. The treads are also designed to increase the tire's lifespan as they allow you to use the tire even when it's worn out. The driving experience on these tires is quite good. 

They’re very quiet even when driving at high speeds on the highway. They can also smooth out small bumps on the road, making your driving experience much more relaxing. These tires are a must-have for anyone who enjoys speed. They have a high-speed rating and can withstand high friction on the road


  • The tires are very responsive. Every turn on the steering wheel can be felt, allowing you to make quick turns whenever required.
  • The tires have high traction and grip, allowing you to drive on a wide range of terrain. They can handle sand, gravel, mud, and even snow easily.
  • The braking capabilities on the tires are impressive, allowing you to come to a complete stop in the shortest time possible.


  • Compared to others in the category, they are costly.

6: Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus 2

This is the second generation in the Scorpion lineup by Pirelli, and just like the first, car enthusiasts love them. This tire can run smoothly on a wide range of surfaces, such as in sand, mud, and even gravel. It can also perform well during light snow. 

The highway stability on these tires is high to ensure you can hit top speeds in your BMW X5 without having to worry about any consequences due to poor tire quality. The rubber used in the tire is also enforced to ensure it lasts longer. It also has a high resistance to friction, allowing you to drive even on hot days without any urging extra wear and tear on the tires. 

With an all seasons driving capability, the tires can withstand all elements of nature year-round. This makes them reliable to have as you can drive for longer periods. They're also highly resistant to hydroplaning, ensuring stability.


  • The braking capabilities in the tire ensure you come to a stop after only a short distance. This makes your driving experience safer.
  • The tires have properly aligned treads that make them resistant to hydroplaning. It is thus reliable to drive on wet surfaces and during heavy rains.
  • They are made with reinforced rubber to reduce rolling resistance and make them very durable.
  • The handling of the tires is also unmatched among those in its category.
  • The tires are quiet even when driving at high speeds. The ride is thus comfortable.


  • The tires are costly compared to many in its class. This makes them inaccessible by many BMW X5 drivers.


The BMW X5 is a fantastic vehicle, and with the right tires, you can get the performance benefits it has to offer. These tires are of very high quality and will guarantee you an unmatched driving experience. They pack efficiency, practicality, and high amounts of reliability. Although some are expensive, they have a performance level that justifies it. This is the perfect start in your journey to find the best tires for you.