Best Tires for Buick Enclave

BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT All-Season Radial Tire

Cooper Discoverer SRX All-Season 275/55R20 117H Tire

MICHELIN Premier LTX All-Season Tire 225/65R17 102H

The fittest route to get the most out of your Enclave is by picking the most suitable set of tires. The tires should give you a safe and reliable drive every time you’re on the road. You should choose tires with a long history of reliability, excellent handling that also have a long-lasting history. Here is a list of the best tires for Buick Enclave.

1: Continental CrossContact LX25

The Continental CrossContact LX25 is an entirely continental engineered tire for the Buick Enclave. It’s manufactured and designed so efficiently that you’ll likely be unable to find any problems with them and handle daily work responsibilities pleasantly. 

They have a short and fast braking ability as well as adequate grip for adventurous driving. The best feature of this tire is the dry weather traction that they offer. However, the LX25 can make loud thumping noises when it comes into contact with a pothole. 

Speaking of annoyances, the LX25 continues to be the top choice for wet and snowy weather. The brakes, hydroplaning system, and handling systems are top-notch. They also have an exceptionally long tread life and a 70,000-mile warranty for the treadwear, which is fantastic.


  • Synchronized performance indicators
  • Efficient braking and handling
  • It perfectly works on wet and snowy surfaces.
  • Better than some all-season tires
  • Noiseless on the highways
  • Excellent hydroplaning resistance
  • Outstanding performance at high speed


  • Not too well driving in high performance
  • Produces noise if hit by a pothole. 

2: Michelin Premier LTX

For those looking for an enjoyable driving experience, these are the best all-around tires. This tire gives similar performance identical to high-performance tires, gripping well and providing incredible responsiveness in corners. 

They’re also fantastic for stopping quickly, such as times when you get brake checked. In wet conditions like rain, this tire will perform exceptionally well. The handling that this tire offers is superior to others in its class as well. 

LTX tires also have expanding grooves, which help maintain traction in wet conditions such as rain or light snow. This tire also offers remarkable traction in light snow, perfect for the midwest. 

This tire is very good at handling bumps, potholes and performs excellently on the highway. A 60,00mile treadwear warranty is also included, which is highly suggestive of its longevity!


  • Efficiently responsive
  • Perfect grip in dry weather
  • Excellent traction in wet and dry weather
  • Comfortable and quiet


  • Cost Inefficient
  • 60,000-mile warranty

3: Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus

The Dueler H/L Alenza Plus is among the most well-known tires among hybrid and SUV owners. This is because it brings an extended tread wear guarantee of 80,000-miles. The drive quality is incredible, providing exceptional control and feedback on the highway. 

Furthermore, no roars are coming from the tire, even at high speeds! In any case, it does the job just fine for everyday driving, most notably because it offers magnificent footing, cornering grip, and reliable braking capabilities. 

The wet footing is excellent as well for those rainy days, so your Buick will have a sense of security taking on the corners, even in heavy downpours. It's also great for light snow, although if you’re going to be driving in heavy snow, it's best to opt for a winter tire.


  • The calmest and most agreeable tire in its class 
  • Top tier sturdiness record 
  • Excellent footing and grasp on dry situations 
  • Protected and unsurprising taking care of in wet situations
  • Usable in snow


  • Can be more responsive over corners

4: Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season Plus II

Pirelli has recently released its second era of the Scorpion Verde tire. They improved in a few areas yet at the same time continued the 65,000-mile treadwear guarantee. Be that as it may, it's cheaper than other premium tires. 

However, it is probably the best tire on this rundown for the price as far as driving goes. It’s responsive through the corners, performing well under most circumstances. Additionally, there is adequate grasp through the corners, excellent slowing abilities, and an excellent foothold. 

Pirelli made upgrades in the wet foothold and made the tire great even during heavy downpours, grasping the street much better than ever. Moreover, the improvement in light-snow footing is virtually noticeable and undoubtedly welcome. 

The Scorpion also has slow-moving obstruction innovation, saving you money on gas! The ride is on the stiff side, and there is slight clamor when driving on a highway; not a significant issue, though.


  • Responsive for a visiting tire 
  • Exact and safe taking care of on dry paths 
  • Has a sense of security in wet situations 
  • Short slowing down distances on wet and dry asphalt 
  • Low-folding opposition converts into better efficiency


  • The warranty of treadwear could be longer

5: Cooper Discoverer SRX

Cooper's visiting tire probably won't have the option to depose the top-notch rivalry, yet it comes close. Furthermore, it does that while costing significantly less cash. Cooper figured out how to check all the nuts and bolts with this tire. 

It furnishes the driver with an extremely safe and reliable tire, slowing the car even on wet terrain. It's also incredibly responsive, which is a very underrated feature of tires: hydroplaning obstruction is excellent as well. 

The SRX is also among the most versatile tires in its class. This tire furthermore features a 70,000-mile treadwear guarantee on H-Speed appraised tires. Regardless, this tire isn't the best decision for conditions such as snow or heavy rain.


  • Safe dealing with and slowing down on dry asphalt. 
  • Incredible foothold in blustery conditions 
  • Reliable and robust track compound
  • Lengthy tread wear guarantee for a modest tire 
  • Entirely agreeable over knocks 
  • Calm on the expressway


  • It doesn't furnish the driver with a great deal of data from the street
  • Light-snow footing could have been better

6: BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT

This tire handles everyday tasks easily. The tire is among the best and is generally all-around excellent, particularly considering the cost. The tire slows down the car well and feels great through the corners. There isn't much outside sound entering the vehicle as it has excellent sound deadening material. 

They have also improved the tire’s performance in snowy conditions, making it an exceptional choice for those who encounter mostly light-snow. Additionally, BFGoodrich gives a 65,000-mile treadwear guarantee, which is excellent at the cost. The BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT is another easy choice for Enclave owners on a budget. 

Don't allow the name to trick you, though; there isn't anything exciting about this tire. It is not that responsive through corners, particularly when compared with other tires. 

The Advantage T/A Sport LT performs poorly in wet conditions. It isn't dangerous, but we do want to see improvement. It doesn't perform the greatest in corners and requires much more small changes from the driver vs. higher-end tires.


  • Extravagant ride over lopsided streets 
  • Practically no outside sound at standard rates 
  • Incredible snow footing, particularly for the entire season tire (3PMSF rating) 
  • The dry foothold is excellent at the cost.
  • Great slowing down on dry surfaces.
  • Astounding tread wear guarantee and long tread life


  • Wet dealing with is an entire advance behind the class-driving tires.
  • Lengthy slowing distances in windy conditions.
  • The tires feel delicate and sluggish, particularly during hard cornering.


Buying tires is perhaps the most crucial aspect of staying safe while driving a car. What's more, regardless of whether those tires appear to be expensive to you, remember that they will last longer than cheaper options. Crunch the numbers, and you'll see that you may even be spending less general by opting to spend more initially. You and your children will be much safer and appreciate traveling more with premium tires.