Best Tires for Honda CRV

Continental CrossContact LX20

General AltiMAX RT43 Radial Tire

Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 Winter/Snow Passenger Tire

Cars made by Honda are full of innovative features and technology with the reliability you can appreciate. If you own a Honda CRV, then you know it’s completely equal to a model like the KIA Sportage. Still, let’s take a few minutes to talk about an often overlooked subject. 

While the company-issued tires may be good for the short run, they just might degrade faster than the car itself. It honestly depends on how well and much you drive your SUV, but the fact that good tires help sustain a car’s performance holds very true regardless. 

There are plenty of tires manufactured, especially for this model, and we’ve hand-picked some of the best tires on the market for you here. So, without further ado, here are our top picks when it comes to tires for the Honda CRV!

1: Bridgestone Blizzak Winter Tire WS80 for Honda CRV

The company has designed this tire primarily for rough roads so that you can have both comforts in smooth riding and safety. The Bridgestone Blizzak gives your car a fantastic grip and traction over long distances and helps better the fuel economy of a vehicle. 

With less energy wasted during braking and acceleration, these tires are a design that just may end your search for the best tires for you right in its tracks! Note that the Blizzak tires have a cavity-like shape that increases resistance to rugged terrain and distributes the car's weight evenly.

Ultimately, the best performing car is the one that takes the least amount of time to get from point A to point B. The tires also include a thick block, which prevents snow from gathering in the tires and helps amplify the engine's force to propel the car forward. 


  • It can compete with any tires out there because of its strong center that can withstand any possible terrain.
  • Best tires for winter travel, as the tire’s cavity design, helps to provide better traction and displace snow faster for maximum output from the engine
  • Excellent grip at any speed you want to drive your Honda CRV.


  • Since these tires have only been tried and tested for the winter season, they may fail to adapt to other weather situations. 

2: Yokohama A/T Geolandar Tires for Honda CRV

The Yokohama A/T Geolander tires are not only designed for the harsh winter terrain; they have a symbol specifically embedded in the tires to certify that fact. These tires are best utilized when taking the Honda CRV for a drive off-road, making them an excellent purchase for car owners that prioritize thrill and performance over safety. 

They also have strong treading where the pattern is designed to have an increased ability to absorb shock. These tires' uniqueness is in their resistance to everyday wear and tear over time. This is thanks to a special tri-plied polymer coating that helps protect the tires from such damage. You don’t have to fret about poor performance by your Honda CRV anymore because the overall experience from stability to acceleration is impressive.


  • These tires were designed with performance in purpose while also keeping the noise at bay with reduction features.
  • They shine best in cold climates where you have to take your vehicle off-road to get to your destination. 
  • The tires are tear-resistant, which means that not only do they last longer, they also don’t puncture as easily compared to other Honda CRV tires.
  • These have shock-absorption properties that ensure safe and smooth rides.


  • However, they can suddenly become a bit noisier when going at high or full speed, such as on the highway.
  • Prolonged use of the tires can reduce the shock-absorbent quality and create extra slush in the tires.

3: General AltiMAX All-season Tires for Honda CRV

Are you looking for tires that boast both a great shape and design? Do you also want to optimize your car’s fuel economy? The General AltiMAX tires are made with superior fibers and a tough surface coating that increases the tread life of the tires by a lot. 

You can even monitor your tire performance with the company-provided tread indicator that will maximize the years you get out of them. To add to this, they have superior performance in rougher terrain and harsh climates. 

Embedded with anti-slip tech, the AltiMAX is an all-season tire that is perfect for those drivers who want to take their Honda CRV off-road. What’s more, the tires also have brilliant shock absorption due to a silica compound being present inside the tire fibers.


  • The tires have amazing noise cancellation properties that help you relax during long-distance drives and create a quiet environment for any passengers.
  • Great impact-absorption tires that can help protect your Honda CRV from any damage if you ever go off-roading.
  • Treadwear indicators included with the tires that help you see what the remaining lifespan of the tires is.
  • These tires can hold up in any climate. They’re capable of riding through at least light snow without potentially sliding. 


  • There aren’t any specifics on the number of miles you get covered with a warranty, which can be problematic in the long-run.
  • There are several mixed reviews online, mainly about how the tires perform poorly over prolonged use and are only good during the first few months.

4: Ultra Grip, Winter edition Honda CRV tires by Goodyear

These tires have been designed to withstand cold temperatures and also ensure an excellent grip over snowy terrain. If you own a Honda CRV in a cold climate that persists 365 days a year, then you should opt for the Ultra Grip, Winter Editions by Goodyear. 

The tires also have strong off-roading potential because the manufacturer added an extra layer of carbon tech that improves the tires' wear and tear resistance. They are not only great tires to own during winter and for those who live in coastal communities but can also withstand rough driving due to their performance monitoring tool. 

The company recommends purchasing it alongside to monitor the tire efficiency, but it all depends on you and how in-depth you desire to go. The Ultra Grip Winter editions are a little on the expensive side but are worth the investment if it means your Honda CRV will have evergreen tires.


  • The tires are great for all kinds of weather conditions, so you can drive your Honda CRV anywhere you want.
  • Anti-hydroplaning properties are present in the tires' fibers that protect them from getting damaged from running in water.
  • They boost the SUV’s steering performance to have better, smoother drives when you travel long-distance. This also helps protect your arms and shoulders from aching. 


  • Since the winter edition tires were created to withstand colder climates, they become a bit redundant and out of their depth when taken to temperate climates
  • These tires produce more friction than normal, making them a little prone to bursting if going long-distances without giving the car a rest.

5: Pirelli Scorpion All-season Tires for Honda CRV

The Evertread compound present in the Pirelli Scorpion gives these tires the increased durability needed for a long-running performance. The Pirelli, however, is particularly known for its increased fuel economy quality that helps your car improve its performance and produces less pollution over longer distances. 

These all-season tires for the Honda CRV are made for both dry and wet roads and have a surprising premium quality grip for the price. In addition, you don’t have to worry about removing slush with these bad boys. The design ensures that all forms of snow or slush are removed automatically. 

This makes it so that your grip isn’t compromised in the process, and you get the best surface performance possible. The best part is that they look amazing as a combo addition to your Honda CRV because the design of the Pirelli Scorpion complements the SUV.


  • They perform well in all types of road conditions, so you don’t have to worry about buying new tires for your Honda CRV for a while.
  • The reduction in resistance is due to the tires having a superior design to other tires mentioned here. This helps save fuel and reduce your costs in the long-run. 
  • The tires also possess fantastic breaks. 


  • These aren’t skid-proof during a snowstorm, so you might want to buy additional snow gear to save yourself from trouble.
  • They’re a bit on the expensive side, which is why they are mostly substituted for other options.

6: Continental LX20 Tires for Honda CRV

Here we have another set of tires by Continental, called the LX20, that helps you save on fuel costs for your Honda CRV. These tires are designed with the environment in mind, which is why the company promises that you can save up to 15% on fuel costs. What’s more, these tires also provide excellent grip and traction that’s essential for the Honda CRV. 

The Continental LX20 tires give the driver a smooth driving experience as well because the stability that they provide to the Honda CRV is exceptional. Your tires will make next to no noise, which makes for an easy and comfortable trip. Lastly, the tires also include impact resistance, so they are a tad on the expensive end of all the tires mentioned.


  • The noise-reduction properties in the tires and their design are phenomenal, especially when you’re taking your Honda CRV off-road.
  • Also, the brake response you’ll have after installing these tires is said to be a considerable improvement.
  • These tires have a pretty good tread life, which improves the overall lifespan of the tires to get the most use from them.


  • Fails to adapt to snowy roads, which is something to consider if you live in an area that often has heavy snow.
  • Besides the efficient design, it doesn’t really have any special features to enhance your off-roading experience.


Choosing the right tires to buy for your Honda CRV can be a difficult choice to make since so much is riding on your preference. You aren’t just getting tires that will help you get from one point to another, but ideally, tires that will protect both yourself and your family when you’re out on the road. 

Durable tires with an extended tread life are hard to find, but the list of tires we have mentioned have excellent tread life and many other outstanding qualities. In short, all these tires have top-quality performance ratings with the Honda CRV. 

The rest of it depends on how carefully/roughly you drive your SUV and whether or not you take good care of your new tires. They might be all-season, but that doesn’t mean you should start to overlook your car’s maintenance.