Best Tires For Lexus ES 350

MICHELIN Premier A/S All-Season Tire

Continental PureContact LS All_Season Radial Tire

Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus Performance Radial Tire

In recent years, people are beginning to embrace the engineering marvel that is the Lexus. It’s slowly creating a niche for itself in the luxury SUV and sedan markets, especially with the beautiful ES 350. 

The car's interior is made to be very cozy, giving you a memorable traveling experience. The vehicle is also packed with a powerful engine and excellent, reliable transmission that brings out the car's power. This is a vehicle that’s headed for the top, continually shattering records. 

To get the most possible out of the Lexus, you’ll need to go with the proper set of tires. There are numerous tires to choose from for this sedan, but some perform better than others. Here are some of the best tires to choose from.

1: Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack

This tire ranks as one of the best on the market, offering exceptional functionality and reliability. They come with several features that set it apart from most other tires in its class, with the most notable being its comfortable driving experience and quiet nature. 

The tire can effortlessly cruise down the highway at high speeds silently, allowing you to enjoy your trip, made possible by its unique comfort cruise technology. The tire has a high grip and traction level that lets you drive on any terrain, such as rain-soaked roads or light snow. 

Furthermore, they remain firm even on slippery surfaces such as mud, sand, and gravel. The treads are designed to reduce rolling resistance, thus making them fuel economical. The tires have a high-speed rating that ensures they will remain stable even at high speeds.


  • The tire is suitable for driving at high speeds. This makes it reliable and safe for people who enjoy fast driving.
  • They have deep treads that increase their tread life, thus ensuring they are reliable for use over long periods.
  • The tire has comfort cruise technology that makes them comfortable to drive on.
  • It is made from tough rubber that prevents it from constant tire bursts, making them very dependable..
  • They are ideal for driving on a wide range of terrain.


  • The tires offer a poor performance on light snow.

2: Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus

This tire guarantees you optimum performance all year round, regardless of the weather conditions. This touring tire has incredible responsiveness, ensuring easy maneuverability even at high speeds. 

It also has a high-speed rating that allows for speedy driving without having to worry about tire bursts. The tire has impressive traction and grip on any surface, including rain, light snow, and shallow mud. It also provides an effortless driving experience with minimal rolling resistance. 

Additionally, the tires offer fast braking that ensures the vehicle comes to a complete stop quickly, keeping you safe. The tires provide a smooth driving experience as they can withstand small bumps on the road, such as shallow potholes and rocks. 

When driving at high speeds, the tires remain quiet, ensuring a comfortable and serene driving experience each time you hop into your 350. It also features deep treads that increase the tires' tread life, which helps lengthen the tire’s overall lifespan.


  • The tire can withstand high friction, making it ideal for driving at high speeds on the highway. Its speed rating is also increased to guarantee you safe driving.
  • They have high traction and proper grip that ensures they can handle a wide range of terrain.
  • The tires are very responsive. This ensures a steady feeling behind the wheel.
  • The tire is silent, even when driving at high speeds. It can also smooth out small bumps on the road, thus making them very comfortable.


  • The tire traction on snow is inferior, resulting in skidding when driving.

3: General AltiMAX RT43

This tire brand has been a household name among touring enthusiasts and experts owing to the great functionality it offers. Some of the tire features include deep treads that guarantee an extended tread life, which allows you to enjoy the many benefits it has to provide for a much longer time. 

The treads also increase the tire's traction and improve its grip, making it ideal for a wide range of driving surfaces such as mud, gravel, and sand. The treads’ alignment makes the tire highly resistant to hydroplaning, ensuring you can drive the car conveniently and safely, even during heavy rains. 

The tire is also very responsive when driving, giving you a steady and reliable drive with the perfect handling you’re looking for. It can turn quickly, giving you the feel of each movement through the steering wheel. 

The tires are made from reinforced rubber, increasing their lifespan by a considerable amount over the mill tires’ average run while also making them resistant to punctures. The tires have incredible braking capabilities allowing you to come to a complete stop in the quickest time possible.


  • The tires are very responsive. This allows you to come to a complete stop in the shortest distance, making them very safe for fast and slow drivers.
  • It has a high grip and proper traction that ensures you can drive on any road surface efficiently.
  • It has a high rolling resistance that allows you to drive smoothly and accelerate faster.
  • The driving experience on these tires is very comfortable. It can smooth out small bumps on the road. It is also tranquil even when cruising at high speeds. This gives you a smooth traveling experience.


  • The tire experiences bubbling when driving under hot summer conditions. This costs heavy repairs or entire replacements.

4: Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

This touring tire is designed to offer the best driving experience from the many features it packs. They are made from hardened rubber that ensures the tires are resistant to punctures and can last for longer periods without spending money on tires sooner than needed. 

The treads are also designed to roll smoothly on the road due to lowered rolling resistance, which reduces the engine’s force, giving you better gas mileage! The grip on the tires is excellent to make each drive safe, no matter the terrain. 

The tire performs excellently on sand, gravel, pebbles and can even work well during a light snow. The tire’s braking performance is impressive as it comes to complete stops from high speeds very quickly without losing its grip. This makes the tires very safe and dependable during travel, be it short or long distance.


  • The tires have a low rolling resistance that ensures effortless acceleration and reduced fuel consumption.
  • The tread life on the tires is also high to ensure long years of proper service delivery.
  • The deep treads on the tire increase grip and ensure maximum traction while driving. This improves the handling of the vehicle, contributing to better driving.
  • The tires have an excellent braking ability, making them suitable for fast stopping.


  • The tires get quite loud when driving on the highway at high speeds. This can be very distracting.

5: Continental PureContact LS

This tire complements Lexus’s excellent performance by bringing out all of the aspects of your vehicle. In particular, this tire has comfort ride technology that adds to the comfort of the car, which allows you to cruise effortlessly through small bumps on the road, making the ride much more comfortable. 

It also provides a quiet driving experience that will enable you to interact with other aspects of your journey, such as friends or scenery, when safe. The tires have incredible traction that gives you a smooth driving experience. 

It also has a solid grip that lets you safely drive on most types of terrain and conditions, such as rain, snow, and sand, to name a few. You can drive on any surface. It’s also resistant to hydroplaning, which can be incredibly dangerous and very likely to happen with the wrong set of tires. 

The treads are designed to direct water away from the surface, giving the tires much more grip over puddles. Moreover, the tires have a large load limit that allows you to transport heavy loads without any damage or extra wear to the tires


  • The tire features advanced technology that results in a comfortable driving experience. It can withstand small bumps on the road resulting in smaller vibrations reaching the cabin.
  • The tires remain quiet even at high speeds. This results in a comfortable driving experience.
  • They have well-designed treads that increase their grip and traction. This makes it ideal for driving all year round.
  • The treads are designed to direct water from the tire surface, thus making it resistant to hydroplaning. This makes it ideal for driving during rainy weather and in shallow water.


  • The tread life on the tires is meager.

6: Michelin Premier A/S

This tire comes from a leading manufacturer, and this makes sure you get the proper and reliable performance you’re looking for in your new ride. It has well-aligned treads that increase its traction and improve grip, making it ideal and safe for any terrain except heavy snow. The tire is also resistant to hydroplaning, giving you a safe drive, even when it’s raining heavily. The braking on the tire is also exceptional on both wet and dry surfaces.


  • It has an extended tread life, ensuring long and reliable service.
  • It has high traction and a proper grip on handling any terrain.
  • Short distance braking.
  • Highly resistant to hydroplaning.


  • The handling of snow is inferior. Skidding can easily occur.


The Lexus ES 350 is a great performing car, so you need tires that do not hinder its performance. Here are some of the best tires on the market to choose from that will guarantee you your desired performance.