Best Tires For Nissan Altima

Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS Ultra High Performance Tire

Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus Performance Radial Tire

Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack All-Season Tire

If you want an incredible driving experience packed with practicality and functionality, the Nissan Altima is the way to go. This mid-size sedan ticks all the right boxes for a comfortable as well as reliable driving experience. The general design has a roomier interior and a comfortable interior that’s ideal for family driving. These features can be brought out well by having the right set of tires. There is a wide range to choose from, and the process can be challenging. To make the process of finding the best tire easier for you, we’ve curated a list of the best tires on the market!

1: Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack

This tire is designed to provide one of the best driving experiences on the market, and with its features, it achieves precisely that. In this tire’s production, the manufacturer applies comfort cruise technology, making the driving experience as smooth and comfortable as possible. 

It ensures the tire can withstand minor bumps on the road, making them nearly unnoticeable. This feature can also be extended on the highway; you don't hear any noise from the tires at high speeds, resulting in a much more serene traveling experience. 

The tire’s performance also extends to its handling abilities, remaining steady even when cruising at high speeds, making the driving experience safer. The tires are also very responsive and allow you to make quick and regular maneuvers with ease, regardless of whether you are driving at high speeds. 

The traction is also notably impressive, with an exceptional grip, handling well in a wide range of terrain and most weather. Its treads are designed to wear out evenly, which helps to extend the tires’ treadwear.


  • They are designed to handle any terrain and weather. They’re ideal for both heavy rain driving and light snow conditions, making them versatile.
  • The tires have comfort cruise technology that ensures you get smooth and comfortable rides even on bumpy terrain.
  • They have proper treads that increase traction and grip, allowing you to handle any terrain with ease.
  • The tires are responsive, therefore, ideal for fast driving and easy maneuvers.


  • After continued use, some drivers have experienced tire bubbling.

2: Michelin Premier A/S

This tire offers the highest performance levels and will bring out all the power of your Nissan Altima. The tires are designed using expanding grooves technology, which makes them well adapted to driving on slippery surfaces and ideal for braking at high speeds. 

They also come to a stop in a short distance, making it a safe option. The tire features a technology that allows the development of new treads as the old ones wear out, which ensures the tire remains functional even after they’ve seen some amount of wear. 

On the highway, the tire is very responsive, therefore allowing you to reach high speeds easily. It can turn quickly, therefore making it safer for the driver. 

The travel experience is also very comfortable as it can promptly smooth out small bumps along the road. The tire can handle many terrains such as sand, gravel, and mud, making it more reliable.


  • The tire delivers excellent performance in any condition, such as during heavy rains and on light snow.
  • The traction and grip on the tires are impressive, ensuring the tire remains rooted even at high speeds
  • The driving experience on the tires is excellent. They are comfortable and smooth, even on bumpy surfaces. They also remain quiet when driving, therefore ensuring you have memorable touring.
  • The tires have minimal rolling resistance. This ensures you can reach high speeds easily while still reducing fuel consumption.
  • The tires can withstand high driving speeds.


  • The tread life on the tires is short. A replacement will therefore be needed after a few years.

3: Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus

The tire comes from a well-known manufacturer, and just like previous generation tires, it offers an unmatched driving experience. The tires are ideal for year-round driving, therefore making them very reliable to have. 

The tires are very responsive in any driving situation, ensuring easier maneuverability and steadiness when driving at high speeds. The tires are great for driving on slippery and wet surfaces due to their high traction and improved grip. 

This makes them ideal for everyday situations for many drivers. When cruising at high speeds, the tire is also very quiet. It also offers a smooth driving experience and can smooth out small bumps on the road. 

The tire's speed ratings are high, therefore allowing you to drive at high speeds without having to worry about tire bursts or punctures. They’re also made from durable materials, guaranteeing longer life and safer ride.


  • They have high traction and improved grip that allows you to drive on slippery surfaces such as mud, sand, and gravel.
  • The tires are ideal for high-speed driving and can therefore reach top speeds without bursts or punctures.
  • They are made from durable rubber that reduces the possibility of punctures and tears. This improves its lifespan by several years.
  • The tires offer a quiet and smooth driving experience, therefore making every trip memorable.
  • The tires are ideal for driving all year round regardless of the conditions in nature.


  • They are not efficient when driving through light snow as they skid.

4: General AltiMAX RT43

What sets this tire apart from many in the touring category is its incredible price to performance ratio. This tire is packed with several of the best engineering features that ensure it delivers the highest performance. 

The tire’s tread life is very high, giving you several years of excellent, safer driving, mainly due to the reinforced rubber it’s made from while also making it resistant to punctures and tearing. The tire’s speed rating is high enough to ensure that high speeds can be achieved without risking tire bursts or other dangerous matters. 

The tire has incredible traction that provides stability even at high speeds on the highway. It’s super responsive when driving and can turn easily through corners thanks to its superior materials. 

It’s ideal for most surfaces as its treads ensure the tire remains steady even at high speeds. On-road, the tires are very quiet, which allows you to get a memorable and comfortable driving experience.


  • The tires are very responsive. This makes it easy to drive on them, therefore ensuring every slight turn is completed efficiently.
  • The tires have a high rolling resistance that makes them fuel-efficient.
  • With a high-speed rating, the tires can reach high speeds without the fear of deadly tire bursts. This makes the tires very safe and reliable to have
  • The grip and traction on the tires are high to ensure you can drive on a wide range of surfaces easily.
  • The treads on the tires are deep, therefore ensuring you improve tread life and therefore rely on proper service delivery for a longer time.


  • The performance of the tires on snow is poor.

5: Continental PureContact LS

These tires are bound to bring out the best in the driving dynamics of your Nissan Altima. Among the most notable features of the tires is their comfort levels; you can cruise on them on virtually any surface without feeling bumps. 

They’re also very quiet even when driving at high speeds, ensuring that you have a memorable travel experience. The tires also have high responsiveness that provides you have the best steering capability. 

Additionally, they have incredibly high amounts of traction and grip that allow you to drive easily on slippery surfaces. The tires are also highly resistant to hydroplaning, which makes them ideal for driving during rainy conditions. The tread life on the tires is also above its class, which is worth noting! 


  • The tires are excellent for driving all year round. They have advanced features that make them counter any situation conveniently.
  • The treads are deep to ensure high levels of traction. They also guarantee an extended tread life for the tires.
  • They are resistant to hydroplaning, therefore ensuring you get a comfortable driving experience during heavy rains.
  • When driving at high speeds, the tires remain quiet, therefore ensuring you get smooth rides.


  • The tire traction on snow is very low.

6: Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS

These tires offer a great driving experience as they can effortlessly handle most road imperfections. They have exceptional traction and grip to make sure you have a good ride each time you leave your home. The tires are also ideal for most driving conditions, making them great for rain, light snow, and summer heat. The treadwear is also good but isn’t much above average, not that that’s a bad thing.


  • They have a high grip and proper traction.
  • The tires can withstand driving at high speeds.
  • It has an extended tread life that ensures long periods of excellent delivery.
  • The tires are quiet, even at high speeds.


  • The driving experience on bumpy surfaces is not smooth. Vibrations can reach the cabin.


There are several tires to pick from for the Nissan Altima, some better for some terrains than others. To get the best tire, look at the specs for the tires noted above and compare them with your local climate. Make sure you choose a tire that lasts will keep you safe and provide comfort. Luckily, we’ve reviewed several great picks for you to choose from.