Best Tires for Snow


Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady All-Season Radial Tire

Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack Touring Tire 205/50R17 93 V Extra Load

Finding tires that give you optimal performance in harsher conditions can be a tricky feat, especially when you don't have an eye for this. People usually purchase all-season tires because it saves them from the hassle of changing tires when the seasons change. However, if you live in an area where the temperature is low throughout the year, you can opt for specialized tires with strong grips and slush removal designs for snow. These tires have the same qualities that you would find in the all-season tires, except that they are specially made for traversing long-distances through the snow. Let’s take a look at a few of the best snow tires on the market.

1: Bridgestone QuietTrack Snow Tires

These tires are famed for their all-season quality and are embedded with ComfortCruise tech, which is highly beneficial to your overall driving experience, especially off-road. You can travel long-distances in these tires without worrying about fuel or skidding on the road. 

The snow aspect of these tires has been designed to ensure safety on all kinds of wet roads, where lack of friction can compromise stability. Fortunately for you, we have the Bridgestone QuietTrack snow tires with an extended treadwear warranty of 80,000 miles that can save you from unnecessary costs. 

Your steering wheel will feel lighter than before once you get these tires installed for your car. You will feel the smoothness in your steering wheel and the way your car maneuvers through a tight spot; another reason why the Bridgestone QuietTrack are great tires to own.


  • The tires increase your car's handling performance enough for you to immediately notice a change in the way your car runs on the highway. 
  • These tires have a strong grip on wet surfaces, keeping you safe even during the rainy season.
  • They also have noise cancellation properties and a radial design that helps cut out any unnecessary road noise.
  • The 80,000 miles tread life warranty assures you of their safety. The company's confidence in offering the extended warranty shows that, making you more confident in your purchase


  • These tires are expensive to purchase new, and rightly so. Their special features didn’t come cheap for the manufacturer either, so you get what you pay for.

2: Goodyear Assurance's WeatherReady Snow Tires

These tires are an all-time favorite of many car enthusiasts around the world. The SUV’s capability is exceptional, where you not only get tires with a grip suitable for all seasons and tires that protect your car in the snow. 

The Goodyear Assurance's WeatherReady tires display their unique capabilities in snowfields where the vehicle has to brake fast so it doesn't start skidding. The tire design helps you clear all snow and slush and also offers puncture resistance. After all, when you are driving in heavy snow, you never know when a rock or sharp object may puncture through unseen. 

The WeatherReady tires also have a helpful noise-reduction feature, followed by impact-control, ensuring you have a comfortable drive. Lastly, the company gives you 60,000 miles worth of warranty that you can redeem, just in case things go south.


  • These tires can traverse through heavy snow conditions easily. They have better snow traction than all-season tires. 
  • Your car is safe in both dry and wet snow. Ice can be dangerous to move through, but the Goodyear Assurance ensures you’re kept safe and in place.
  • Even if you decide to travel somewhere with a warmer climate, these tires will still give you the optimal quality they promise. 


  • Even though the company gives you 60,000 miles of treadwear warranty, it may seem like it's not enough for people who frequently go on long-distance travel. 

3: Vresdestein Quatrac Snow Tires

These Dutch tires are custom-made for traversing through large amounts of snow and ensuring excellent grip to the driver. With German technology, the Quatrac is an all-weather tire, which states that it can give you the desired traction and grip you need to travel in heavy snow. 

The company also offers you 45,000 miles worth of treadwear warranty. That is lower than most snow tires but is still better than nothing. Once you install the tires, your SUV will feel brand new. Not only do they enhance the look of your car, but they also reduce noise for a more peaceful experience. 

Your long-distance commutes inside the city will be both simple and affordable, as the Vredestein tires are built to not just help with a smooth drive but also be available at a budget price. Rest assured, your expenses will be covered in the long-term with the fuel-economy improving so much.


  • The tires are pretty much made to be used in heavy snow conditions because of their excellent traction and grip design that lets you maneuver your car with confidence.
  • These tires are available at a budget price, which means you don’t have to sacrifice quality for the price.
  • They can also be used in warm weather conditions, with the handling and ease of operation even being improved in high temperatures.


  • The miles on the warranty are only 45,000, which can be upsetting for some customers who expect to have more miles covered, as other brands do.
  • The tires have no real impact-resistant properties, which is a core feature for any snow tires. 

4: Bridgestone Alenza Plus Snow Tires

The Bridgestone is a well-known brand in the market, and the Alenza snow tires variation is exceptional when it comes to traversing through light snow. With these tires, it’s smooth sailing. You won’t feel a single bump while driving. 

The traction and grip are also incredible. Furthermore, the tires also increase the car's brake’s responsiveness, which is crucial in an emergency situation. The tires have a total of 80,000 miles worth of treadwear warranty, which makes them winners of several hearts, as there are only a handful of tires that offer that high of coverage. 

What's more, is that you may utilize these tires to go on long-distance travel in the snow, as the tires have special carbon plus silica compounds that provide stability over high speeds. You also get hydroplaning resistance in the Bridgestone Alenza tires, which basically means they work well in wet road conditions.


  • Perfect for people who wish to drive to light snow areas on vacation or for longer stays. 
  • These tires are known for their durability in either wet or dry climates, followed by excellent puncture resistance properties due to a thick outer surface.
  • You can ride in comfort and feel at ease on the road because of the grip these tires provide, with premiere stability.


  • The tires are heavier than expected, meaning you might have to put in some extra elbow grease in a scenario where you might have to change them out.

5: Bridgestone Potenza Snow Tires RE980AS

These tires are included in the all-season category, but they have met the mark to be included in this list because of their excellent durability, grip, and traction in snowy road conditions. The Bridgestone Potenza Snow Tires are high-performance tires with a unique surface design that helps push all the slush and snow out. 

This makes these tires perfect to use in mountain regions, where the possibility of a blow-out followed by skidding is high. The Bridgestone Potenza tires also come with 50,000 miles worth of treadwear protection through a warranty. 

This might be less than other tires in the category. Still, just having a warranty alone is sometimes enough to keep your mind at ease. Lastly, you may find your steering wheel puts much less strain on your body because of how smooth Bridgestone Potenza makes everything.


  • These tires can be used in light snow conditions and medium snow, as they’re specifically designed to withstand this weather.
  • The tires can endure punctures and any irregular surfaces, thanks to the shock-absorbent materials that they are made from.
  • Handling your car becomes easy after you have the Bridgestone Potenza tires installed. This is especially  important when you're going off-road.


  • Despite the stability these tires provide, there is a light squeaking sound the tires make when running. Customers have reported that there’s room for improvement in overall comfort.
  • The tires are also heavy to carry around, and this can put extra strain on your arms and legs.

6: Continental Terrain H/T Snow Tires

These tires are completely new to the tire market and are already getting the spotlight because of the latest research and technology that has been used in making them. The Continental Terrain Snow Tires are built as all-season tires, with a fantastic grip for thrill-seekers who want to travel off-road from time to time. 

The traction is not only excellent in itself, but the tires also improve the overall stability of the vehicle. If you remember how the car performed before and how the car performs after, then you’ll be shocked by the instant difference of adding these tires to your ride. 

It’s like night and day. The pattern design on the tires is a product of both computer and human genius, which helps relieve you of the stress of manually removing slush and snow. All you have to do is drive, and the tires will take care of the rest.


  • The company provides you with 70,000 miles worth of treadwear protection through a warranty, which is amazing considering this is a brand-new company.
  • These tires have outstanding performance in both dry, wet, and snow terrains, which is essential to consider if you plan on traveling often.
  • You can expect to get a good brake response from these tires, which is an exceptional feature to include for tires. 
  • After you've installed these tires, the entire ride will be quiet, which is the perfect condition that good tires should provide. The Continental Terrain Tires also help your peace of mind with impact resistance.


  • There aren't any bad reviews for the company itself, since they are brand new. 


Finding the right snow tires is essential. It means you get to travel to your favorite ski destination or visit that buddy who lives up in the mountains more easily. Since the journey is difficult, you should provide yourself with the very best car parts you can get your hands on. 

Good tires always have a treadwear warranty, so make sure to check for that whenever you’re making a purchase. You have to make sure that the amount of snow that you typically encounter will be covered by the grade of tires that you purchase. 

Snowy roads make a car skid, and that's a dangerous situation to be in, especially if you are with family or friends. Buying snow tires will keep you safe and help you confidently drive through it all, keeping both you and the car levelheaded.