Best Tires For Ford Escape

Continental CrossContact LX20 All-Season Radial Tire

MICHELIN Premier LTX All-Season Radial Tire

Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus Tire

The Ford Escape is a stylish compact crossover happily driven by thousands every day. However, choosing the best tire for your Ford Escape can often be a daunting task, and understandably so. It’d help if you consider your climate, the terrain, the engine size, and driving style. You’ll find several tire options here, including all-season tires, touring tires, high-performance tires, and all-terrain tires. We have chalked down the best tires from each category to help you find the best tire for your Ford Escape to make this process less of a heartache!

1: Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus

If you want touring tires for your Ford Escape, the Bridgestone Dueler will provide the best experience. It offers a plush ride quality and effortlessly absorbs big or small bumps on the road. The tires are capable of eliminating noise even at high speeds. 

The Dueler H/L Alenza Plus will deliver you improved dynamics with high-speed stability. You’ll also get fantastic braking, grip, and traction while driving. The Alenza Plus works well even in wet and light snow conditions. 

However, the comfort-oriented compound of the tires will lead to a slight reduction in responsiveness. The Dueler tire also comes with a treadwear warranty for 80,000 miles. The majority of the crossover and SUV community prefer the Bridgestone Dueler for their cars.


  • Incredible quietness, comfort, and grip levels
  • Best-in-class stability and durability
  • Equally good performance in wet and dry conditions
  • Performs decently even in light snow


  • It doesn't offer the best response levels

2: Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady Tires

The Goodyear tires will work exceptionally well in all different weather conditions, be it summer or winter. The Assurance WeatherReady ranks among the top all-season tires for crossovers and SUVs. They offer improved braking, traction, and grip during the wet and cold winter months. 

Furthermore, the tires will perform efficiently even on dry pavement and snowy conditions. The Goodyear Assurance tires perform incredibly well as a winter tire. However, the tire fails to provide the best-in-class responsiveness during the warmer months. 

The tire offers top-notch wet performance and braking functions even in warmer conditions. The unparalleled ride quality compensates for the little noise that the tire produces at high speeds. You’ll also get a treadwear warranty of 60,000 miles, which is incredible for an all-season tire.


  • Satisfactory wet performance even during the warmer months
  • Unmatched winter traction
  • It offers a good grip and responsiveness.


  • It can create a bit of noise while driving on the highway

3: Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

The Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 qualifies as the most reliable winter tire for crossovers and passenger cars. The NanoPro Tech Multicell system comes with a hydrophilic coating to offer optimum performance in wet conditions. 

The EdgePerformance Technology delivers the best ice and snow traction. This tire also successfully beats all other tires in the winter tire range owing to its robust performance and innovative technology. 

The Multicell compound of the tire guarantees optimum braking function on both wet and dry surfaces.


  • Unmatched braking and traction in wet conditions and snow-covered roads
  • Works well even on ice
  • It brings innovation and performance in a single package
  • Its mesh triangles offer a stable ride
  • Incredible handling in both wet or dry surfaces


  • It doesn't come with a treadwear warranty

4: Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetric

If you’re not satisfied with the driving experience of touring tires, we’ve got your back. The Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico is the ideal choice for owners of the Ford Escape V6 for this reason. It qualifies for a sports tire as well as an all-season tire. 

The Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico will make your Ford Escape drive more enjoyable and comfortable than ever. The tires come with a progressive grip around their corners to deliver unparalleled responsiveness. 

Most Ford Escape owners prefer this tire due to its commendable high-speed stability and enhanced traction levels. 

With improved braking and wet traction, the Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico offers incredible performance. It also provides a very comfortable ride in light snowy conditions. The Noise Cancelling Technology of the tire delivers a super quiet ride as well.


  • It offers the best responsiveness compared to its rivals
  • High grip levels on dry roads
  • Incredibly quiet for a sports tire
  • Robust wet performance
  • High traction levels on all surfaces


  • No warranty, which makes it an expensive buy

5: Cooper Discoverer SRX Tires

If you’re on a budget and want the feel of right touring tires, then the Coopers are an exceptional choice! The Cooper Discoverer SRX tire offers a safe and comfortable driving experience at an affordable price. They provide better handling functionality than tires in similar price ranges.  It also comes with a robust braking ability while giving an excellent grip on the road. 

The tire also delivers a fantastic response to your driving pattern with optimum stability. It offers similar wet performance to those of the premium brands at much higher costs. However, if you want incredible traction on snowy terrain, this may not be the best option for you. 

The Discoverer SRX is pretty popular among crossover owners due to its noise-free driving experience and quality ride. 

If you want to get excellent gas mileage, then the Discoverer SRX is a decent choice for you as the lightweight material improves gas mileage. It also offers a treadwear warranty for 75,000 miles for T-rated models and 70,000 miles for the H-rated models.


  • A noise-free ride even over bigger bumps
  • Incredible treadwear warranty for different models
  • Satisfactory traction and handling in all-weather conditions


  • The snow traction may seem below average to some

6: Michelin Premier LTX

If you want the most suitable for your Ford Escape, then the Michelin Premier LTX is an excellent choice. It’s a premium pick for the best touring tires for SUVs and Crossovers. The Michelin Premier LTX offers the best-in-class responsiveness to improve your driving experience. 

It also provides similar high-speed stability as delivered by higher-end sporty tires. The traction, braking, and grip are the best in the touring tires range, especially at this price point! The Expanding Rain Grooves offer reliable performance in wet conditions. 

It also features Emerging Grooves that’ll help maintain optimum performance even in light snow. The tire is incredibly comfortable and quiet. However, it offers a lower treadwear warranty than other premium brands coming in at 60,000 miles.


  • Top-class performance and responsiveness
  • Improved braking and cornering
  • Ideal traction function for all seasons
  • Modern and aggressive tread compound guarantees more durability
  • Delivers comfort as well as fuel efficiency


  • It is comparatively expensive than the other tires
  • It doesn't work incredibly well over thick snow layers

7: Continental CrossContact LX20 Tires

The LX20s qualify as the quietest tire available on the market today for the Ford Escape. It offers a nearly silent driving experience even on rough roads and highways. The ride quality matches the plush feel of premium touring tires. 

The EcoPlus technology also helps to reduce fuel consumption while delivering the smoothest ride you could imagine. 

The treadwear warranty of 70,000 miles also offers good value for money. The CrossContact LX20 is specifically designed to provide the best-in-class comfort with incredible responsiveness and exceptional high-speed stability.


  • Minimum noise to ensure a smooth and calm ride
  • It delivers overall control and stability.
  • Boosts your fuel economy while establishing a plush quality ride.
  • Improves control on wet surfaces and at high speeds
  • It offers a robust hydroplaning resistance with improved control and stability.


  • Do not perform the best on thick snow roads.
  • Treadwear warranty is less than that of premium tire brands.

Things To Consider

Now that you are well-acquainted with the best tires for Ford Escape, it's time to understand essential factors to make this decision a little clearer. Selecting the right tire is only possible when you consider the vital elements that make a tire suitable. Let’s take a look at a few:

  • Type of Tires: Highway and Touring tires are the best choices for the Ford Escape. Both these tires have similar features, excluding highway tires which are preferred for hauling and towing. If you want improved responsiveness, opt for touring tires.
  • Driving Experience: Your tire must provide a strong grip with an engaging driving experience.
  • Climate Consideration: If you choose winter tires and use them during warmer months, they will lose their durability and strength. We recommend opting for an all-weather tire to get better stability and responsiveness.


Not having the best tire brands at your disposal can lead to wasting your money, so it’s essential to consider the material, tread quality, warranty, and types of the tires before spending your hard-earned money. You can also opt for premium brands to get a better driving experience with excellent stability at high-speeds. Our article has listed the seven best tires for Ford Escape, including all-season, touring, and high-performance tires. Take your time and choose one from our list based on your needs.