As we gear up for the 2024 Caterham Motorsport Season, let’s take a moment to reflect on the exciting events of 2023 and celebrate our champions.

Last year, we were thrilled to welcome two new sponsors to our motorsport community. Adrian Flux, a renowned insurer specializing in cars, homes, and specialist vehicles, joined us as the official sponsor of our Academy Championship. This partnership saw over fifty new racing drivers enter the fold, with two emerging as Caterham champions (stay tuned for the reveal).

Additionally, Vertex Watches, a distinguished British watchmaker with over a century of history, became the headline sponsor of our Roadsport championship. They introduced a unique timing challenge, offering competitors the chance to win a rare Vertex MP45 C50 watch, limited to just fifty pieces.

Our longstanding sponsors, including Bilstein, DemonTweeks, Motul, and Avon Tyres (in their final year of operation), continued their invaluable support. PRG Trailers, our trusted provider of race trailers, also played a vital role in our success.

Here are the highlights from our championships:

Avon Tyres Caterham Seven Championship UK – Pro Am:
1st Place: #79 Lewis Thompson (441 points)
2nd Place: #43 Stephen Lyall (424 points)
3rd Place: #77 Gordon Sawyer (359 points)

Avon Tyres Caterham Seven Championship UK – Am:
1st Place: #24 Paul Donkin (359 points)
2nd Place: #61 Angus Maclaine (297 points)
3rd Place: #4 Oliver Smith (239 points)

Motul Caterham Seven 310R Championship:
1st Place: #8 Jack Sales (505 points)
2nd Place: #11 Taylor O’Flanagan (488 points)
3rd Place: #70 Lars Hoffman (485 points)

Mission Motorsport Seven 270R Championship:
1st Place: #66 Freddie Chiddicks (437 points)
2nd Place: #21 Charlie Lower (428 points)
3rd Place: #45 David Rooke (348 points)

Vertex Seven Roadsport Championship:
1st Place: #8 Ben Timmons (353 points)
2nd Place: #22 Lyonel Tollemache (309 points)
3rd Place: #72 Toby Ballard (308 points)

Adrian Flux Seven Academy Championship – White Group:
1st Place: #28 Daniel Neale (151 points)
2nd Place: #55 Istvan Demes (148 points)
3rd Place: #88 Adam Kene (147 points)

Adrian Flux Seven Academy Championship – Green Group:
1st Place: #78 Nick Highton (155 points)
2nd Place: #43 Jonathan Emery (152 points)
3rd Place: #79 Barry Thompson (147 points)

To commemorate our Golden Anniversary, we introduced the ’50th Anniversary Cup’ trophies, providing drivers who narrowly missed out on the podium with a chance to shine. Congratulations to the winners:

Avon Tyres Caterham Seven Championship UK: #66 Jake Swan Motul Caterham Seven 310R Championship: #43 Allan Curtis Mission Motorsport Seven 270R Championship: #96 Peter Mott Vertex Seven Roadsport Championship: #77 Harvey Lawrence

A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who contributed to the success of the 2023 season, including our sponsors, coordinators, hospitality team, officials, logistics teams, photographers, trackside support, and competitor teams from LFP Motorsport, Matt Blyth Motorsport, Oakmere Motorsport, Williams Motorsport, DW Motorsport, DPR Motorsport, RS Motorsport, CTS Motorsport, Team Parker, and Team Big 666.

Most importantly, we extend our gratitude to the fans, friends, and families whose unwavering support fuels Caterham Motorsport year after year. Here’s to another thrilling season ahead!