Caterham Seven review


The Caterham Seven, a timeless classic, boasts a heritage that spans generations. Rooted in the visionary design of Lotus founder Colin Chapman, this iconic vehicle has retained its essence for over six decades. Stripped down to its core as a minimalist two-seater, it continues to allure enthusiasts seeking an authentic driving experience over mere transportation.

Evolution and Performance:

Despite its enduring appearance, the Caterham Seven has undergone significant evolution. The latest lineup represents the pinnacle of its strength, ranging from the entry-level 170 to the formidable 620, each denoting its power-to-weight ratio. Engine options vary, with the 170 featuring a turbocharged Suzuki three-cylinder, while the standard range relies on the robust 2.0-liter Ford Duratec four-pot. Notably, the 620 model boasts a supercharger for those craving exhilaration.

Range Expansion:

Caterham’s recent announcement in September 2022 introduced the revival of its ‘heritage range,’ comprising the Super Seven 600 and Super Seven 2000. These models, with their retro-inspired aesthetics, offer a nostalgic twist to the lineup, catering to enthusiasts fond of classic designs.

Modern Adaptation:

Contrary to the notion of old-fashioned classics, the Caterham Seven embraces modernity. Equipped with contemporary engines and brakes, it challenges even the most powerful supercars. Despite its lightning speed, comfort takes a back seat, with cramped quarters and a cumbersome fabric hood arrangement.

Assembly and Demand:

For the daring, Caterham provides the option of self-assembly. With a basic toolkit and 70 hours of dedication, enthusiasts can transform a pile of boxes into a road-worthy vehicle. Such is the demand for the Seven that pre-built models face an eight-month waiting list, underscoring its enduring popularity and relevance.


Described as “brilliant, fearsomely potent, and never less than addictive to drive,” the Caterham Seven offers an unparalleled motoring experience. Its accessible pricing further enhances its appeal, with age only enhancing its charm as it distances itself from technological complexities. With precise feedback and exhilarating performance, the Seven remains a testament to driving purity in an era dominated by complexity and weight.