Celebrating our 50th anniversary, Caterham takes a nostalgic journey back to where it all began. While our legacy stretches further, the story of our manufacturing venture commenced in 1973 with the inception of the Caterham Seven.

Since then, we’ve evolved, introducing new engine variants, gracing screens big and small, setting handling benchmarks, crafting numerous special editions, and clinching various accolades. Our dedication to purity, simplicity, and fun has remained unwavering.

To mark this milestone, our archivist curated 50 intriguing facts about Caterham’s illustrious history. From iconic race victories and limited editions to pivotal production shifts and cinematic appearances, the journey unfolds.

Here’s a glimpse at some highlights:

  • Caterham acquired the rights to the Seven from Lotus Cars in 1973, sealing the deal with a handshake at Pub Lotus in Primrose Hill, London.
  • Production kicked off in June 1973 in Caterham, churning out about one Series 4 car weekly before reverting to the classic Series 3 styling.
  • The inaugural Caterham Seven orders spanned the globe, with destinations including Germany, Angola, and Guatemala.
  • The Series 3 model’s revival in 1974, featuring Lotus Twin Cam and Ford Crossflow engines, garnered global demand, with the first 100 cars shipped to various countries.
  • French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo showcased a Super Seven in the 1979 action flick “Flic Ou Voyou,” becoming synonymous with daring car stunts.

And the journey continues, witnessing remarkable innovations and collaborations:

  • In 2005, the CSR200 and CSR260 models ushered in a significant evolution, featuring fully independent rear suspension and revamped interiors, setting new standards in handling and on-road performance.
  • Collaboration with LEGO in 2015 birthed a popular 620R LEGO set, with estimates suggesting more LEGO Sevens sold than their full-size counterparts.

Our recent strides toward electrification, with the EV Seven technology development vehicle and the all-electric Project V concept in 2023, signify our commitment to innovation.

As we embark on the next leg of this extraordinary journey, we extend heartfelt gratitude to all who’ve been part of Caterham’s legacy. Here’s to the next 50 years of pure driving joy and exhilarating adventures!