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2023 Caterham Motorsport Calendar

As one chapter closes, a new one unfolds. Presenting the eagerly anticipated 2023 Caterham Motorsport Calendar!

This year marks the commencement of our partnership with the esteemed British Automobile Racing Club (BARC). With a rich legacy spanning over 110 years, BARC has been the home to renowned championships like the British Touring Car Championship, F4 Championship, Porsche Carrera Cup, and MINI Challenge. Furthermore, 2023 holds particular significance for Caterham as we commemorate 50 years as a manufacturer.

In honor of this milestone and our inaugural year with BARC, we’re thrilled to announce a jam-packed schedule of 12 exhilarating race events.

But that’s not all. Our esteemed drivers in the 2023 Seven Championship UK will have the incredible opportunity to compete at Silverstone alongside the renowned BTCC, expertly organized by TOCA. Discover more details about this exciting collaboration here and peruse the calendar below.

Attention to All CSR Owners

At Caterham, ensuring the safety and well-being of our customers is our utmost priority. We have recently received reports regarding a potential issue affecting all CSR models manufactured between 2005 and 2023. It is imperative for us to promptly inform CSR owners about this matter.

We have been alerted to concerns regarding the rear suspension damper mounting bracket, known as the ‘clevis,’ which may lead to partial detachment of the spring/damper assembly.

While similar issues in mainstream road cars often result in spring breakage, posing minimal risk to vehicle control, we recognize that CSR owners may frequently utilize their cars for track use or spirited driving. Due to the sensitive nature of Seven’s handling, as a precautionary measure, we advise temporarily discontinuing the use of your CSR and conducting an inspection of the clevis using the instructions provided in the link below:

Once again, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our steadfast sponsors, along with a warm welcome to our newest partners from ‘The British Motor Show.’ You may have glimpsed our distinctive safety car in action throughout the 2022 season. For further insights into our sponsors, venture into the Sponsors Zone.

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