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Ancel Bluetooth Handheld OBD2 Scanner

BlueDriver Bluetooth ODB2 Scanner

Innova CarScan Pro Model 5610

Computers have become a necessary element of today's world, which is well-illustrated in the motor vehicle industry. Most car components have become fully electronic, making it easier to evaluate them using automotive diagnostic scanners. With a good scanner, you can get the best results that will allow you to monitor your vehicle’s performance better. Here are some of the best automotive diagnostic scanners on the market to choose from.

1. Innova CarScan Pro Model 5610

This scanner is meant to work ideally for German, American, and Japanese made vehicles alike, thus covering a large portion of the car market. It can unravel practically every complicated code that a car can produce. 

It examines every individual control module in the vehicle, including later improvements like the pressure levels of your tires, screens in more current vehicles, and not merely just essential general frameworks like the motor and discharge controls. 

It can run a reproduced exhaust cloud test, assess the battery, and show live information for motor activity, anti-lock slowing down, along with various frameworks during a street test. It displays deficiencies depending on how much damage they could cause and its Freeze Frame data or a preview of the vehicle's exact problems whenever the system is set off. 

This symptomatic vehicle diagnostic tool can even predict a DTC that’s about to happen. Car and other vehicle enthusiasts partial to the ’90s will value one more CarScan Pro component: with the correct association connector, it’s capable of checking OBD2 diagnostics in numerous vehicles dating before 1996.


  • It allows you to connect with a wide range of vehicle models, thus ensuring you get the most reliable services. It’s for both beginners and professionals.
  • It can evaluate a wide range of car components, ensuring you get a comprehensive review from your scans.
  • It’s very portable and can easily be moved from one location to another.
  • The scanner is compatible with many car models, which gives more people access to its great features.


  • This one is limited to more recent car models, making it a less than ideal choice for older generation vehicle owners or enthusiasts.

2. BlueDriver Bluetooth ODB2 Scanner

BlueDriver can be connected to the vehicle's OBD2 port and then to a smartphone control app by syncing with it wirelessly. It offers virtually all the highlights accessible in any quality devices. The scanner can analyze various codes, which provides a clear display of the arising problem rather than alphanumeric code that can be difficult to understand. 

It can clear codes, obviously, and can also display Freeze Frame information. The device can perform a recreated exhaust cloud test and show live data from the motor and suspension as the vehicle works. It can save data or print reports displaying issues, likely causes, and potential fixes. 

It's those possible fixes that make this scanner stand out from the many others available on the market. These are associated with Identifix - a data set utilized via auto fix shops with many set arrangements, with no membership required to show you the problems that most likely set it off in the first place. It will display a wide variety of potential fixes.


  • This scanner offers a wide range of functionality that makes it very reliable and versatile. These functions range from primary daily uses to complex diagnostics
  • It allows for Bluetooth connectivity. This enables users to perform scans conveniently and analyze the results better.
  • It comes with an app from the manufacturer that ensures that you get regular updates to aid in the scanner’s proper performance.
  • It can store scan data for future reference.


  • The connection sometimes resets during the scanning process. This means you have to reconnect and begin all over again, which can be frustrating and time-consuming.

3. Bosch ADS Diagnostic Tool

This OBD scanner’s reliability is backed by the world's biggest scanner maker and perhaps the most seasoned name in car diagnostics. This scanner works well for a range of car models, including European, Asian, and North American vehicles. 

The scanner has a 10-inch tablet enveloped by a thick elastic case that ensures you get the best visuals as you perform the diagnosis. There's a different remote Vehicle Connection Interface that can likewise interface with numerous electronics, such as computers and smartphones. The OBD2 association link has a light and implicit voltmeter, and there's an AC connector to simply allow you to have more options in terms of connectivity. 

The scanner allows you to have bidirectional control, or the most extreme control and alignment allowed in the product controls. It provides fully shaded OE diagrams, affirmed fixes, support methodology, administration releases, and Bosch Repair Source - an exhaustive help and fix for any data captured.

It has clear front and back cameras to capture data and remember them for vehicle filter reports. The scanner can connect to the internet, thus allowing you to get direct updates from the manufacturer. This improves its performance immensely.


  • It’s user-friendly to ensure more people can get the best service from it. The scanner guides you on how to conduct diagnoses and breaks down results into a more straightforward form.
  • The ten-inch LCD allows you to have better visuals of the scan results. It also enables you to toggle between the numerous features it has to offer.
  • It can connect to the internet, bringing you constant updates from the scanner’s manufacturer.
  • The scanner includes a tablet that also has cameras. This allows you to save data in the form of pictures for easy future reference. Data can also be stored on many devices, such as computers and even your smartphone.


  • It is unable to perform scans on some car models due to a lack of compatibility.

4. Fixed OBD2 Bluetooth Scan Tool

This scanner came from one of the industry’s best manufacturers and was built to ensure you the highest level of efficiency. This remote-controlled scanner is designed to be fixed onto the vehicle's OBD2 port constantly, allowing you to get up-to-date information on your car's status. 

DIY enthusiasts prefer this, as it helps them comprehend and evaluate vital information during the scan, giving you accurate and understandable data. The scanner effectively examines a vehicle's analytic framework once you initiate a diagnosis session and report any arising codes in a simplified manner before clearing. This makes the scanner usable by everyone, including people with little knowledge of car jargon. 

The scanner will allow you to monitor any problem as soon as it arises since you will be notified immediately. Furthermore, if the check motor light comes on, FIXD will automatically send a warning to your smartphone, so you can discover what the code is describing and start dealing with the issue right away. 

This allows you to solve problems before they grow into bigger challenges. FIXD also gives booked support suggestions to the car scanned, per the maker's proposals, and recommends routine checks for crucial components of your vehicle, like batteries and wiper blades. The scanner also has a user-friendly interface that will guide you through the scanning process.


  • It covers a wide range of car and vehicle models. This makes it ideal for both professional and casual use, owing to its versatility.
  • This interface is user-friendly. This allows even those who may be inexperienced in this area to perform thorough scans.
  • It has live connection capabilities that enable you to get up to date information on your car’s situation. With this, you can fix any arising problem before it gets out of control.
  • The diagnosis reports are simple to understand, as they are broken down into clear graphical interpretations. This makes them simpler.
  • The manufacturer provides regular updates that ensure the scanner performs at its best.


  • The Bluetooth connectivity sometimes drops during the scanning process. This can be both frustrating and time-consuming.

5. Autel MAxiDiag MD808 Pro

This scanning tool comes with the backing of a strong brand name in the industry, Autel. Over the years, enthusiasts and professionals alike have come to love it for the numerous functions it has to offer. The scanner can perform a wide range of functions that make it quite reliable and essential to have. 

This has all the fundamental analysis of OBD2 codes and can clear and evaluate them, providing highlights and bidirectional control that allow you to target which frameworks will break down and cripple or empower particular highlights incorporated into the vehicle manufacturers' control programs. The scanner's numerous functions make it very ideal and versatile, as more data can be obtained for better decision-making. It also allows you to store data from past scans, ensuring proper analysis can be done on the vehicle's performance. 

The scanner is bundled in a more rectangular shape, and its plastic case is encircled by an elastic grasp that adds another layer of protection. This makes the scanner very durable and guarantees you many years of excellent service and usage. 

This makes it remarkably dependable, especially for professionals. The user interfaces in the scanner are as simplified as possible to allow anyone to perform scans accurately and efficiently—this includes data visualization in the form of graphs for better understanding. This scanner won’t let you down.


  • The user interface is easy to understand, helping anyone to perform accurate scans.
  • This scanner provides fast results after every scan, allowing you to always one step ahead of any potential issues.
  • The scanner is built with a hardened casing to keep it safe from everyday wear and tear. This allows for much longer product life.
  • It has numerous functions that capture most car problems, delivering accurate results with every scan.
  • It’s compatible with a huge range of vehicle models. This ensures more people have access to the brilliant service it delivers.


  • It has a narrow screen so that reading diagnosis reports can be quite challenging.

6. Ancel Bluetooth Handheld OBD2 Scanner

This scanner comes with an impressive number of keys and an interactive menu to carry out tests that check for both common and rare vehicle issues. It also has a convenient scramble vent connection for a simple, safe showcase.

You can perform scans on the go, checking aspects like fuel use, flash development, and more while the vehicle works. The compatibility strength of the scanner is shown when you pair it to a Bluetooth device. At that point, begin using the manufacturer’s recommended app for either your Android or iOS device. 

The BD offers significantly more information introduced in various forms, including measures and charts. It can record multiple factors like average speed, time, and fuel utilization, similar to a PC. With the proper and reliable data visualization features, you can easily understand each scan’s results and make the required adjustments.


  • It can be connected through both Android and iOS systems. This ensures more people have access to its features.
  • The results are displayed in graphic form. This makes them easier to understand. The jargon is also broken down into simple English, which is convenient for non-native speakers.
  • It allows you to store data on your smartphone for future reference. This lets you compare them at a later date and analyze them thoroughly.
  • The scanner receives regular updates from the manufacturer. This ensures that the scans always meet your requirements, remaining quick and efficient.
  • It has numerous functions that make it highly versatile, especially for professional users


  • The scanning tool has a small screen that makes it somewhat challenging to toggle through the various functions.


When looking for a scanner, you should make sure you get one that supports both your car make and model. With a proper scanner, it’s possible to save money on multiple visits to the mechanic. These scanners are tried and tested by the manufacturers to ensure you get the highest in quality. They’re packed with an impressive range of functions to ensure every aspect of the car is well-scanned. It’s hard to go wrong with these premiere scanners.