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OBDLink LX Bluetooth OBD2 Adapter

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BlueDriver LSB2 Bluetooth OBD2 Adapter

OBD2 scanners range from wired to wireless. Although many people have a preference for which one they want to use, these two serve similar functions. With advancements in technologies, manufacturers have found it more convenient to decrease cables’ needs, developing Bluetooth OBD2 scanners. The only thing you’ll need is an adapter to plug into the OBD2 outlet. This allows you to connect to the scanner’s user platform either through a web browser or an app. Here are some of the best Bluetooth OBD2 scanners to choose from.

1. BlueDriver LSB2 Bluetooth OBD2 Adapter

The LSB2 is regarded as one of the best scanners on the market by both novices and professionals. It comes packed with a high level of performance that ensures you get the best it has to offer. This scanner is compatible with both iOS and Android, thus allowing users of both platforms access. The process of using the scanner is relatively straightforward. 

Just connect the adapter to the OBD2 outlet, and it will immediately connect to your smartphone. This ensures improved accuracy and constant updates to the system. The scanner comes with its app. Experts have tested the performance of the scanner to give you high levels of efficiency and reliability. Some of the scanner functions include: tracking engine oil temp, fuel usage, boost oil temp, and atmospheric pressure. 

These are essential functions that every driver should be aware of in their vehicle. After your car is scanned, the device gives you access to possible solutions for the arising problems. It also gives you a direct connection to reputable mechanics who can assist you. The scanner also gives you access to live data on the fuel system status and the coolant temperature.


  • The scanner can read all transmission codes, giving you an insight into the problems you’re currently facing.
  • It’s compatible with most vehicles, allowing more people access to its excellent functionality.
  • The scanner can sync to your smartphone, which lets you store previous scan reports for later use and review.
  • The scanner's user interface is easy to use, enabling even total beginners to have a productive diagnosis experience.
  • You get regular updates on the scanner's app, ensuring your scan results are better and trustworthy.


  • The scanner loses connection sometimes. You will be forced to restart the app or unplug and plug it in again.

2. Bax Products Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

When it comes to detecting sensor problems on your vehicle, this scanner tops the list. Since this is the most common problem among car owners, the scanner has become a must-have item for many. The scanner can perform throttle position, PDF Temp, fuel trim, balance rates, speed, and load value, among the many readings. 

These are mainly scans performed by professionals. Other more basic functions include smog checks, oil temps, coolant temp, and fuel pressure. The scanner is mostly Android centered on ensuring you get the best in service delivery. The scanner also comes with a two-year warranty by the manufacturer that guarantees you a replacement or repair in case of any trouble. 

They also offer impressive customer support to assist you in using your scanner to get the best service possible. The scanner is compatible with a wide range of vehicle models, ensuring more people can access its functions. It is also user friendly, thus allowing for easy use of the device, even for beginners.


  • It’s user-friendly to give a wide range of people access to its many services and features. The initial boot-up screen displays some guidelines to help you conduct proper searches.
  • It’s made from strong material and is made with a protective coating. This ensures it is durable and can serve you for a longer period
  • This scanner has a wide range of functions, from basic scans to advanced ones meant for professionals. This allows it to cater to a larger audience.
  • The scanner is compatible with several vehicle models. This gives more people access to this valuable product.


  • The scanner uses third-party apps to connect with the user, which can make it difficult for them to get updates on their scanners, reducing their functionality and accessibility

3. VEEPEAK OBDCheck BLE Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

This scanner is meant primarily for conducting basic scans and DIY projects. The scanner is compatible with both iOS and Android systems, allowing more people to access it. Another feature that has made it stand out is its ability to read live sensor readings fast. Since the scanner's data is primarily in graphic form, it enables more people to understand the findings, even total beginners. 

Some of its functions include customizing the dashboard and monitoring engine parameters such as fuel usage, smog checks, and many more. The scanner operates on Bluetooth version 4.0. This is primarily meant to ensure it consumes a minimal amount of power as possible. 

The tool supports a wide range of apps, which empowers you to select the one you’re most comfortable with. Unlike many scanners, it supports hybrids and electric vehicles, thus increasing its reliability. It’s manufactured using durable materials that guarantee you several years of perfect performance. The manufacturer also sends regular updates, therefore ensuring you are up to par with continued excellent service.


  • With the user interface supporting both iOS and Android devices, more people can interact with it.
  • It’s made from durable materials that guarantee you many years of efficient service delivery.
  • This scanner can perform a wide range of tasks, from simple and basic ones to more complex ones. This OBD2 also has a high level of accuracy, which makes it a dependable product.
  • The scanner is compatible with different apps. This gives you many options to choose from and allows you to settle for the one you prefer.


  • Since the device doesn't come with its software, updates are slow, reducing its efficiency after a period of use.

4. FIXD Bluetooth OBD2 Scan Tool

This scanner is considered one of the best in the market due to its compatibility and the wide range of services. It works great with iOS and Android, ensuring that you can have access to it. It also comes with its app. This ensures you get accurate diagnoses and gives you access to regular updates from the manufacturer. 

The app also provides a steadier connection during the scanning process, thus making the process faster. The scanner reads codes very fast, and in no time, it will give you a detailed explanation of why the various lights on your dashboard are on. The scanner gives you a thorough review of what the different scan codes mean and the severity of the impact on your car's performance. 

This keeps you ahead of any problem that might be brewing. It also generates maintenance reminders and live sensor data. Another distinct feature of the scanner is that it can give you accurate estimates of the repairs' costs. This ensures you can budget efficiently for your car. The scanner is user-friendly. It breaks down complicated car jargon into simple, understandable form to ensure you know what it all means.


  • It’s compatible with most vehicles, ensuring more people can access its great features.
  • It offers a user-friendly platform that ensures you understand the diagnosis reports.
  • The scanning process is fast, which allows you to get ahead of any potential problems as soon as they occur.
  • The scanner gives you cost estimates on the various required repairs.


  • Connection with the app sometimes drops in the middle of the scan, forcing you to reconnect and begin again.

5. Kitbest Mini OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter

This scanner offers a great price to performance ratio. It is compatible with Android systems and can read a wide range of things. Some of its capabilities include: providing live sensor data, timing advance, load value, air temperature, throttle, fuel trim, boost, speed, smog, and many more

. The many functions of the scanner ensure you get high-quality diagnoses at a cost-friendly price. The user-friendliness of the scanner is very impressive. It allows you to understand all the scan results by presenting them in simple language. 

This makes it very useful to own. There is a wide range of apps that are compatible with the scanner. This ensures you get to choose one that works best for you, one you are used to using. It can also provide code descriptions fast, thus keeping you in the know on any aspect that comes up.


  • It’s user-friendly and breaks down diagnosis reports into simple and easy to understand formats.
  • It’s compatible with many vehicle models, allowing more drivers to access its great features.
  • The scanner is very price-friendly, thus ensuring more people have access to its functions.
  • It conducts a wide range of services, letting you get the full scanning experience.
  • The scans' results come in fast, enabling you to stay ahead of any problems in your vehicle.


  • This scanner doesn’t support diesel vehicles. This limits its reliability significantly.

6. OBDLink LX Bluetooth OBD2 Adapte

This scanner is meant ideally for new users and people taking DIY projects. It is designed to have the easiest user interface in the market, thus allowing you to toggle through the various functions with ease. Its features range from the simple ones meant for beginners to the advanced ones designed for professionals. 

The scanner is also ranked among the fastest in reading codes. As soon as the read is initiated, you get results in seconds. The scanning on the device is fast, but it is compatible with a wide range of applications. This gives you a range of options to choose from, and you can use one you are familiar with. The results are displayed by using very informative graphs. 

This ensures they are easy to understand for everyone using the scanner. Unlike many scanners, it is very power efficient. It also comes with the option of setting it to sleep. This further reduces the power consumption to a minimum. The scanner comes with advanced security features that make it hack-proof, thus ensuring your diagnostic results are only accessible to you.


  • The scanner consumes a minimal amount of power when performing scans. This makes it very dependable. It also has a sleep option that further minimizes its power consumption.
  • It offers a smooth, user-friendly experience as it breaks down all the data, making sure you understand everything completely.
  • It performs a wide range of functions to ensure you get the best scan results.
  • The scanner is very secure, as it has strong encryption. This ensures sensitive data on your scans remains known only to you.
  • It allows for compatibility with numerous apps, and you can choose the one that works best for you.


  • The scanner only offers essential functions. It is thus of minimal use to professionals.


Bluetooth scanners are a superb addition to scanning tools. They ensure you get the most convenient service delivery level, as it connects to a wide range of devices. These scanners also allow you to view and store diagnosis results in your smartphone, allowing you to monitor the results over a more extended period. 

When choosing a scanning tool, first confirm that it is compatible with your car model. Also, be sure to choose one that favors the specific functions you plan to use it for. This will guarantee that you get the best performance at the best price.  The process can sometimes be quite challenging, but you can make informed decisions with the proper knowledge.