Best Tires for Acura MDX

Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Highway Tire

Continental CrossContact LX20 All-Season Radial Tire

Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max Radial

The MDX has been on the market for several years now. It was first introduced over two decades ago after it took over from its predecessor, the Acura SLX. Ever since then, the company has brought forth three different generations of the model. 

The latest edition of the car came out in 2020, and even though it didn’t have many changes, it came with two engine options to choose from. The Acura MDX has either an all-wheel drive or a front-wheel version. 

The two come in either a hybrid engine that pumps out 321 horsepower and a V6 engine that generates 290 horsepower. With all the power the Acura MDX has to offer, it’s essential to have the proper tires to ensure you get the best from your SUV.

1: Michelin Premier LTX

These tires are specifically designed to tackle all seasons of the year. It is ranked as one of Michelin’s finest tires. The performance of this tire can be seen in the excellent driving experience it offers. 

When on the highway, the tire moves without producing the loud screeching noise reported with other tires. It also has an impressive tread depth that gives it proper traction on the road. With these tires, you are assured of having a smooth driving experience. 

This grip also comes in handy when braking as it makes the tires very responsive. The tires are also designed in a way that maximizes fuel saving. The tire delivers all these at a reasonable price, which is among the factors that make it a favorite for many.


  • They’re ideal for all seasons. The performance of the tire is maintained all year round.
  • The driving experience on the tires is very smooth and quiet. You can enjoy the journey more.
  • They feature an advanced design that makes them very fuel-efficient.
  • These tires can withstand high loads without experiencing punctures or bursts.


  • Compared with other similar tires in the market, they are costly.

2: Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max

Goodyear is known worldwide for its great tires, and with this tire, they have delivered just that. Multiple factors set this tire apart from many others on the market. For starters, they have the lowest rolling resistance. 

They feature the highest levels of performance and grip possible. The tire has both wet and dry tread zones that are each adapted for their surfaces. When driving on these tires, you will not experience hydroplaning issues, common during heavy rains. 

From its name, these tires are engineered to be as fuel economical as possible. The rolling resistance contributes to this, as the engine will not be strained as much, and thus less fuel is used. With these tires, you will notice an impressive decline in your Acura MDX fuel usage.


  • The tires are great for both smooth and rough surfaces. The treads are well-adapted to cope with these conditions. It can move seamlessly on the sand, gravel, and even mud.
  • They are also suitable for driving on light snow.
  • With these tires, you get to save a lot on fuel. They’re very economical, which saves you a lot of money in the long run.
  • These have deep treads that increase their traction when driving. This helps you to have a much safer driving experience.


  • The same technology used to make the tire fuel economy contributes to its disadvantages. The tires are not the most comfortable to drive in, regardless of the terrain. This results in a bad travel experience.

3: Continental CrossContact LX20

This tire is a household name among many Acura MDX because the price to performance ratio is offered. It offers a smooth driving experience and high-performance levels. With this, coupled with the tire's deep treads, you are assured of proper traction and a safe driving experience. It also makes it ideal for driving off-road and on rough surfaces. 

When driving on the highway, the tire offers a decent amount of grip and stability. It allows you to drive at high speeds without the fear of skidding off the road. The braking power on the tire is also awe-inspiring. It is responsive and comes to a complete stop almost instantly.


  • They offer decent performance on a wide range of surfaces and can be used in sand, gravel, mud, and even shallow water.
  • These tires are well-suited for driving on light snow. They will remain steady and ensure a safer driving experience.
  • To add to this, they have EcoPlus technology that makes them very fuel-efficient. It reduces the rolling resistance on the wheel, resulting in smoother driving and a less struggling engine.
  • These tires offer a smooth and quiet driving experience, resulting in a more memorable and relaxing trip.


  • The speed rating on the tire is relatively low compared to others. This means you have to drive at a slower speed to avoid tire bursts and blow-outs.

4: Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus

The main aspect that sets these tires apart from most is the level of comfort they offer. When driving on these tires, noise is at its minimum, and bumps on the road are smoothed out. The tires have an excellent high-speed rating that makes them ideal for fast drivers. 

With them on your Acura MDX, you can hit those high speeds without the concern of tire burst, punctures, or blow-outs. The tires also have a high load capacity that allows them to transport heavy loads easily. 

You can use your SUV for even more functions. The tires have good treads that offer a decent grip and traction. You can drive on anything from sand to mud and even gravel without skidding. The tires also provide a smooth driving experience on light snow. They are also ideal for highway driving.


  • They produce a minimal amount of noise. It makes the driving experience very enjoyable. It also smoothes out any bumps on the road, making your drive as comfortable as possible.
  • The tires offer excellent performance on a wide range of surfaces; they can shift from off-road driving to on-road driving with minimal effort.
  • The deep treads allow for instant stopping. This instantly makes your Acura MDX safer, which is mainly attributed to its superior grip on the road.
  • The tires can withstand heavy loads. This allows you to transport objects for long distances efficiently.


  • You may experience tire bubbles after only several months of use. Additional expenses may come as a result of this.

5: Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady

Goodyear is known for its state of the art tires, and with the WeatherReady line, the manufacturer has performed impressively yet again. These tires are ideal for almost all weather conditions and can take almost anything you give them, as evidenced by their name. In particular, when it comes to off-road driving, these tires offer a strong grip on the road that results in smoother driving and less skidding. 

They also perform great on wet and light snows. With high traction, they remain firm on the road. The tires also allow for fast braking even on poor terrains. This is due to the tire's design that makes it shift depending on the weather conditions when driving. It also features weather reactive technology that assists in that too.


  • They are well-suited for all weather conditions. These work well on dry surfaces and even better on wet and snowy ones.
  • Compared to other tires in this range, they are very cost-effective.
  • The treads on the tires allow for proper grip, resulting in safer travels even at high speeds.
  • The tire has a high maximum load capacity. It allows you to carry a wide range of items in your SUV without risking a puncture.


  • These tires are somewhat noisy in motion. When driving on the highway, it produces a high and irritating sound that can be very uncomfortable to the ears.

6: Michelin Latitude X-Ice

The main focus of these tires is winter and snow. They’re meant to counter brutal weather elements with the utmost ease. With these tires, you can drive smoothly on snow in your Acura MDX without skidding. It has proper treads that make it suitable for off-road driving too. 

The grip on the tires is very reliable when tackling sand and gravel. It will allow you to move at higher speeds compared to other tires. The use of these tires is not limited there. They also work well when driving on the highway. 

This allows you to reach speeds of over 200kph, owing to the excellent speed rating it has. Thus, the tire is suitable for driving in almost all conditions, making it very convenient to have for your SUV.


  • Their performance is impressive on both ice and snow. They possess high traction that keeps them firmly on the road.
  • They perform well either on or off the road, which offers a lot of conveniences. The range of drivable surfaces is very high.
  • The tires offer a proper grip that allows for a steady and smooth driving experience. It also levels out small bumps on the road.
  • The treads are very long-lasting. The tires will serve you for many months before a replacement is needed. This will save you a lot of money.
  • The load index on these tires allows you to carry heavy materials. It can withstand this without developing punctures or experiencing bubbling.


  • If compared to other tires in its class, it is quite expensive. Given its high dependability, it is easy to understand why


The process of choosing tires, especially for an SUV, is not a simple one. The Acura MDX requires the best tires to experience the immense performance power it packs. Before making a purchase, you must consider all features that might influence your decision in mind. This will allow you to make a more educated choice. 

These tires are the most highly rated in the market by Acura MDX drivers. They are bound to offer you a more memorable driving experience. Many drivers have had memorable trips in their MDX, so we can’t wait for you to experience its full power with the help of these great tires. Tires play a huge role in the dynamic of the car and the general driving experience. 

It’s the tires that complement the engine and suspension, all to result in smooth driving. Some places experience snowing conditions, while others are very rainy. In selecting a tire for your Acura MDX, first look into where you fall in these categories.