Best Tires for Audi A4

General AltiMAX RT43 Radial Tire

Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus Performance Radial Tire

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring All-Season 235/60R18 103V Tire

The Audi A4 was first introduced into the market at the height of the popularity of sport sedans. Although they have since diminished in popularity with the introduction of more varieties of sports cars, the Audi A4 has managed to keep its position as the best on the market. 

Some of the factors that have made this car retain its popularity include its magnificent interior quality. Unlike many others, it has high-quality leather that makes it durable. The vehicle also has Quattro all-wheel drive that increases its drivability tremendously. 

With all these good features on the car, it is only ideal that you select tires that will complement them and increase your Audi A4 performance. The best tires for this car should be ones that improve its drivability and are responsive enough to ensure it moves safely at high speeds.

1: Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack

If you didn’t know better, the Bridgestone Turanza tires seem to have been made specifically for the Audi A4. When it comes to grand tours, these tires work very well. One of the factors that make these tires stand out among many others is their durability. It can last for several years before a replacement is needed. 

To assure you of its continued performance, the company offers the highest treadwear warranty in the market for its tires. Bridgestone also incorporates ComfortCruise technology in the tires. This makes the driving experience extremely smooth.

Coupled with the build quality of the Audi A4, the tires can pass through both small and big bumps on the road with ease. On the highway, another feature of the tire comes out, its treading pattern. It makes the tires extremely quiet, even at high speeds. The traction and grip on the tire are also excellent for any terrain.


  • It has ComfortCruise technology that ensures you get the most comfortable driving experience. It can counter bumps on the road easily.
  • The tread patterns on the tires ensure they remain quiet even at high speeds.
  • They have deep treads that allow them to counter any terrain. They’re also ideal for light snow.
  • The tread life on the tires is considerably long.


  • Compared to other sport sedan tires, they’re rather expensive.

2: Michelin Premier A/S

Coming in second, these tires are ideal for people who enjoy high speeds. The handling and maneuvering abilities of them are unmatched. They also have the best braking performance in their class, allowing you to come to a stop even at high speeds quickly. 

The tires’ grip and traction make them ideal for driving on more slippery terrains, such as sand, gravel, mud, and even snow. In addition, they’re made to be very durable, ensuring that you get the most traction before a replacement is needed. 

Their unique design feature includes expanding rain grooves. These make them well-suited for driving in shallow water and during heavy rains. The tires also offer considerable drive quality, too, to reach high speeds without producing much noise.


  • They offer a smooth ride experience. Unlike other tires in this category, they can reach high speeds on the highway without getting noisy.
  • The tires are very responsive. They easily adjust to any changes in the steering wheel, thus making it safer to drive.
  • The tread design on the tires features expanding rain grooves. These allow for easy driving in shallow water and during rain.
  • These tires are also ideal for driving in snow.


  • Unfortunately, these tires have a relatively short tread life. After several months of use, a replacement will almost certainly be needed.

3: Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

The price to performance ratio of these tires makes them stand out among many others in the same category. Their low price is coupled with a high level of responsiveness. The tires can easily maneuver a range of scenarios. The design of the tires features Stabliledge performance technology.

It interlocks the treads of the tires, thus adding to its grip and enhancing traction. They also come with a very responsive braking capability. These tires have good hydroplaning resistance that makes them ideal to have when driving on wet surfaces and heavy rains. 

The tires also operate well during a light snow. The tires’ speed rating is W, thus allowing you to reach speeds of up to 160mph without the risk of a tire burst or blow-out. The tire also packs in a high level of comfort. It can easily smooth out any bumps on the road, thus ensuring that you get a comfortable driving experience.


  • The tires have a high level of grip when driving on wet surfaces. They can remain steady on the road at high speeds, even when speeding.
  • The braking performance on the tires is impressive. It allows you to move from high speeds to a complete stop in the shortest time possible, which adds to the car's safety.
  • The driving experience on the tires is excellent. With its ability to smooth out small bumps on the road, you can enjoy your ride more.
  • They have a high-speed rating that allows you to drive at high speeds without the risk of experiencing a tire burst or blow-out. This is a very safe feature on the tires.


  • It performs poorly when driving on snow. The grip and traction decrease significantly, thus making it risky to drive.

4: Pirelli Ciiturato P7 All Season Plus

Pirelli always offers the best driving experience, and with these tires, they do just that yet again. These are among the most responsive tires in the market, as every minor movement of the steering wheel is reflected in the tires. 

This is an incredible feature for drivers who prefer driving at high speeds, as it ensures your maneuverability is top-notch. The tires' grip also provides you get the best experience on more challenging terrains, such as sand, mud, and even shallow waters. 

These tires are also highly resistant to hydroplaning, thus making them ideal for driving during heavy rain. These features are finally summed up with the tires’ superior comfort enhancement. They’re very smooth and quiet on the highway, allowing for a seamless driving experience.


  • The handling of the tires is remarkable. It remains steady even as you drive at high speeds.
  • The tires have a high-speed rating that allows you to drive smoothly and fast on the highway without having to worry about punctures.
  • The braking on the tires ensures you can come to a complete stop almost immediately. This is an excellent feature to ensure safe driving.
  • The tread life on the tires is impressive. The rubber is further strengthened with synthetic materials that make them durable, even when subjected to challenging driving terrain.


  • The performance of this tire on snow isn’t as good as we’d like it to be. It loses grip easily and can skid off the road.

5: General AltiMax RT43

These tires have managed to create a name for themselves at number five, owing to their excellent price to performance ratio. The General AltiMax RT43 tires are quickly becoming popular among Audi A4 drivers due to their superior performance capabilities. 

One of the most notable aspects are their treads. They are deep enough to ensure both high levels of traction and a steady grip on the road. The tires also come to a stop near-immediately when you brake, making them safe for fast drivers. 

On wet surfaces, the tires deliver very well. They can handle light snow easily and are also ideal for driving during heavy rain. When cruising on the highway, the tires are quiet and offer a comfortable experience.


  • They have a good amount of responsiveness on both wet and dry surfaces. This ensures you can maneuver with the utmost ease.
  • The ride on the tires is comfortable, as they can counter any small bumps on the road. They’re also quite as you drive on the highway, even at higher speeds.
  • The tread life on the tires is incredibly long. With these tires, it will take a while before a replacement is needed. This makes them very reliable and convenient.
  • The tires on the tires ensure a high traction level to ensure they remain steady on the road, even at high speeds.


  • When compared to other tires, they underperform just slightly.
  • They have inferior handling on snow and skid quickly off the road, making them unsafe in those conditions.

6: Continental PureContact with EcoPlus Technology

This touring tire’s main feature is its ability to save on fuel consumption for your Audi A4. The treads are designed to roll smoothly on the road, ensuring minimal resistance. The tires also allow for a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

The noise levels are low and will ensure you get the entire relaxing experience of your drive. The traction and grip on these tires are unmatched. 

These tires allow you to drive at high speeds without having to risk skidding off the road. The tires can handle a range of driving conditions, including heavy rain and sandy terrains. The deep treads hold firmly into the road, allowing for minimal resistance.


  • The tires have a high tread life. This assures you of a long period of excellent service delivery. It will save you both time and money.
  • These tires are highly resistant to hydroplaning. This makes them ideal for driving in shallow waters and during heavy rain.
  • The experience regarding the tires in terms of comfort is excellent. They ensure you get a smooth and quiet ride on any terrain.
  • The speed rating on the tires is high. This ensures that you can drive safely at high speeds without having to get concerned about punctures or tire bursts/blow-outs.


  • The traction and grip of the tires when driving on snow is very low. They can easily skid off the road, making it quite dangerous to try.


The Audi A4 is an excellent sports sedan, and to get the full experience, you must get the best tires to match. The selection process can be quite tedious as you go through all the features, but it’s very rewarding in the end. By evaluating all the info available, you can make a decision that best suits your personal needs and has an excellent price to performance ratio. 

This list includes highly rated tires that many owners from all over the world have been pleased with. Another factor to always be on the lookout for is unscrupulous car dealers, as they can sell you substandard tires. The tires in this list, however, will narrow your search to only the best. They will ensure that you get the best driving experience as you cruise along in your Audi A4.