Best Tires For F250

Kumho Crugen HT51 All-Season Tire

Cooper Discoverer H/T Plus All-Season 119T Tire

MICHELIN Defender LTX M/S All- Season Radial Tire

The Ford F-250 is thought to be one of the best performing heavy-duty pickup trucks. The truck is made to withstand all of the challenging conditions in nature, making it ideal for a range of functions such as towing, bed hauling, and construction. The driving experience is excellent, even when subjected to all the challenging work they regularly endure. With all the performance it has to offer, one component of the truck must be perfect to accomplish it all; tires. This truck requires heavy-duty tires that withstand the pressures thrown at them. Here are the best tires for the F250; let’s dive in

1: Michelin Defender LTX M/S

This tire has managed to cement itself as one of the best heavy-duty tires in the market. It’s ideal for highway driving and can conquer almost all terrains when incorporated into the F250. The tire ensures you get a steady driving experience even when driving at high speeds. 

It has high traction and grip, allowing it to remain firmly grounded even when a heavy load is attached, making it one of the safest tires to drive on. It can come to a complete stop in a very short distance pretty effortlessly, regardless of whether a heavy load is attached to the truck. 

The driving experience on the tires is excellent. It’s also surprisingly quiet on the highway, even at high speeds, smoothing out small bumps on the road, making it comfortable to travel on. The tire's load limit is increased, making them the perfect tires for heavy-duty trucks such as the F250.


  • It has deep and well-aligned treads. This ensures the grip is high, allowing it to move efficiently over any terrain you drive it on.
  • It has a high maximum load limit. This ensures it can withstand heavy loads without the fear of tire bursts.
  • The tires are very quiet even when cruising on the highway at high speeds. This gives you a comfortable traveling experience.
  • They are durable and thus assure you of many years of proper service delivery. The rubber is toughened to make it withstand the harsh conditions in nature.
  • It has a high resistance to hydro panning, thus ideal for driving on wet and rainy days.


  • The tire has poor handling on snow.

2: Cooper Discoverer HTP

This tire is guaranteed to give you a smooth driving experience on the highway. It’s packed with numerous features that make it ideal for the F250. It has high rolling resistance, which ensures smooth driving while saving fuel, a welcomed convenience! 

It also features properly aligned treads to increase its traction and grip on most terrains, making it ideal for driving on multiple terrains such as sand, gravel, and even mud. The tire is also perfect for the highway as it offers a quiet driving experience. 

The tire has excellent handling, ensuring you can drive steadily, even at high speeds with a heavy load attached. The tire is durable and guarantees you many years of proper service delivery.


  • It ensures you get a smooth driving experience regardless of the load being carried.
  • The tires are long-lasting, thus ensuring you get many years of proper service delivery.
  • It has high traction that ensures it comes to a stop in the shortest distance. This makes them very safe for you as the driver.
  • They can handle a wide range of terrains.
  • It delivers a quiet traveling experience.


  • The tire performs quite badly when driving through snow.

3: General Grabber HTS60

This tire comes from one of the best manufacturers, ensuring you get the high-performance level you’re looking for. This tire is ideal for driving on the highway as it can withstand high friction without punctures or tire bursts, unlike lower-end options. 

It also has deep treads that increase its grip, making it easy to drive on surfaces such as gravel, sand, mud, and even shallow waters. It’s designed with rolling resistance, which makes it effortless to drive on, and because the strain on the engine is reduced, it can save fuel. 

The tire is manufactured using reinforced rubber, making it chip and cut resistant, guaranteeing you years of seamless performance. The tires are also very quiet, even on the highway. This makes you have a much more pleasant driving experience, adding to the numerous capabilities it has to offer.


  • The tires have a high load limit. This makes them perfect for transporting heavy materials and towing other vehicles.
  • It is made with hardened rubber, thus ensuring it cannot chip. This guarantees you a long period of excellent functionality and reliable service delivery.
  • The tire remains stable even when cruising on the highway at high speeds. This makes it safe as you don’t have to worry about skidding off the road.
  • The tire offers a quiet driving experience that allows you to enjoy your drives.


  • The tires are not ideal for driving during heavy rains. This makes them quite unreliable.

4: Kumho Crugen HT51

This tire comes from the Korean manufacturer, Kumho, and is guaranteed to give you the best service delivery. They are packed with several advanced features that make them ideal for the F250. Some of these include its optimized alignment and advanced geometry in its treads. 

They are designed to make it resistant to hydro panning, ensuring you can drive efficiently on wet surfaces. It’s also made from high-quality materials that provide its tread life is extended beyond many of its competitors. 

The tire also offers a smooth driving experience as it can level out small bumps on the road, allowing you to ride comfortably. It also remains quiet when cruising on the highway at high speeds. With its substantial traction, the tires can stop in a short distance very quickly. 

They’re also very responsive; slight maneuvers on the steering wheel are reflected on the tires, allowing you to make quick turns. The tires also can withstand heavy loads, making them perfect for the F250 heavy-duty truck.


  • They can smooth out small bumps on the road, thus ensuring you have a smooth driving experience.
  • The treads are deep enough to increase its traction and grip. They also make them long-lasting, guaranteeing you years of proper service delivery.
  • They are very responsive, thus ensuring you can maneuver easily on them.
  • The tires remain quiet even when driving at high speeds on the highway.
  • They work well on a wide range of terrains. They can also be used on light snows.


  • Some drivers have experienced bubbling when driving at high temperatures.

5: Firestone Transforce HT2

This tire comes with the backing of a strong brand name, assuring you of its high performance. This tire was made specifically for heavy-duty truck drivers, making them the most ideal for the F250. The tire has a high load limit, ensuring that it can handle heavy loads effortlessly. 

This also makes them suitable for construction and towing. The tires remain stable even when cruising at high speeds, guaranteeing safety. 

You don't have to worry about skidding off the road, as the deep and well-arranged treads further enhance safety and traction, allowing for maximum grip. This also ensures you can drive on many surfaces such as sand, gravel, and even mud. The tires are tough, so they'll last for longer than many others in the market.


  • They are reliable as they last for long periods.
  • They guarantee stability while driving, thus making them safe.
  • The tires can withstand heavy loads, thus making them ideal for towing activities.
  • The treads are deep enough to ensure proper traction and grip on the tires.


  • The tires perform relatively poorly on snow.

6: Sumitomo Encounter HT

This tire is meant for F250s with larger rim diameters. It’s made from rigid, thick rubber that guarantees you a long period of excellent and reliable service. The tires are well treaded to handle any terrain you subject them to. 

They can drive well on sand and even mud, making them reliable for truck drivers, especially when driving through construction zones. They also have a high load limit that ensures you can carry heavy loads. 

Furthermore, they drive very smoothly on imperfect surfaces, ensuring you get a smooth driving experience. On the highway, they remain quiet even at high speeds. They’re also highly responsive to ensure you can maneuver easily and safely. The tires cover a wider range of functions.


  • The tires are stable even when driving at high speeds.
  • They are made from tough rubber that ensures you get longer periods of excellent service.
  • The treads are appropriately aligned to ensure minimal rolling resistance.
  • The tires can handle a wide range of terrains.


  • The tires perform poorly when driving on snow.


Selecting the best tires for you can be a difficult task. It can be made simpler by first evaluating the reasons you need the tires and the various driving situations you are likely to face. This will ensure you settle for a set that works best for you. Here are some of the best tires to choose from. They guarantee you optimum performance when coupled with the F250.